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Respiratory rate monitoring and early detection of deterioration practices

This study investigated patient deterioration detection initiatives and vital sign assessment practices in medical/surgical environments in Asia-Pacific (Australia, mainland China, Singapore), the...

Developing online simulated practice placements: a case study

‘An educational method which uses a variety of modalities to support students in developing their knowledge, behaviours and skills, with the opportunity for repetition, feedback, evaluation and...

An exploration of the reach of the #MakeSpace4Research hashtag

The integration of social media into modern society is a contemporary worldwide phenomenon, which has the potential to allow for rapid and global connectivity (Gibbs et al, 2015; Brady et al, 2017)....

HIV Matters: an educational podcast series to improve outcomes for people living with HIV

A podcast is a series of digital audio recordings that can be streamed or downloaded from online sources and consumed using mobile devices. ‘Podcasting’ is not a new phenomenon, having existed for...

Evolution of a video project to translate research findings about patient experiences into improved clinical care

This article details the processes of identifying and developing a set of co-produced, evidence-based educational resources to improve patient care..

Patients' experience of teleconsultations in the UK

A total of 12 425 articles were identified following the database search, of which 1226 were retained after the removal of duplicates and eligibility assessment. Following title and abstract...

E-nursing homes: transforming access to nurses in nursing homes in response to the staffing crisis

One option the authors suggest for consideration is that nursing homes do not always require the physical presence of a nurse, but rather, ‘appropriate access to nursing’ could be provided digitally,...

Implementation of a virtual student placement to improve the application of theory to practice

In April 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a reduction in clinical placement capacity. This affected student learning opportunities, including reducing opportunities to apply theory to practice in...

The digital future of nursing: making sense of taxonomies and key concepts

Digital health is rooted in electronic health (e-health) and the two concepts are often used interchangeably. In his early work, Eysenbach (2001) defined e-health as an:.

The role of simulation in delivering a modern workforce

Simulation is an innovative educational technology that empowers staff to acquire and maintain essential knowledge and skills, while simultaneously reducing the incidence of clinical errors and...

Patients' experience of robotic-assisted surgery: a qualitative study

The aim of this study was to explore patient-reported experiences of RAS..

A pilot study of a digital ostomy leakage notification system: impact on worry and quality of life

Despite continuous innovations in ostomy solutions, leakage of stomal effluent remains a major challenge in ostomy care. Digital health solutions, ie wearable devices and connected healthcare...

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