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Quality of life among older patients receiving faecal microbiota transplant for Clostridioides difficile infection

The aim of this study was to gain new knowledge about patients' experiences with regard to their quality of life during an FMT treatment course for CDI..

Irritable bowel syndrome and endometriosis: diagnosis, similarities, and nutritional management

Both IBS and endometriosis can be challenging to diagnose. Diagnosis is based on a combination of medical history, physical examination and imaging..

Empowering stoma patients and nurses during the pandemic and beyond

As clinical appointments were limited due to lockdown restrictions, staff shortages and shielding requirements, it was paramount to allow patients access to nursing support. In order to work...

Transanal irrigation to treat chronic constipation in patients with spinal cord injury: a case study

Mr K was a gentleman with a new spinal cord injury who sustained his injury following a motorbike accident – the injury occurred at level T6. He began experiencing autonomic dysreflexia episodes and...

Improving patients' bladder and bowel dysfunction assessments

Already established training was increased. Bespoke and accessible training sessions across the city were offered, along with continuing daily support offered to staff across the directorate at their...

Introducing a feeding tube kit bag and passport for patients with a gastrostomy

Empowering health professionals through education, resources and information has helped them to provide a more efficient service to this group of patients. Even if they are unsure how to perform the...

An overview of Clostridioides difficile and faecal microbiota transplant: implications for nursing practice

Antibiotic therapy has been the cornerstone of treatment approaches for most infectious cases for half a century. Coupled with improved sanitation and increasing health literacy, antibiotics have...

The impact of stoma management education on the self-care abilities of individuals with an intestinal stoma

Several studies have shown that following the creation of a stoma patients may experience stigmatisation; having a stoma will also affect people's perception of their body image and sexuality, and...

Diverticular disease, diverticulitis and the impact on continence

Diverticular disease is a condition where diverticula cause symptoms such as altered bowel habit and lower abdominal pain, but without inflammation or infection (Strate and Morris, 2019). See Box 1....

Leakage of stomal effluent outside the baseplate leads to rise in product usage and health professional interactions

The survey was conducted in 2021 as an online, retrospective, self-reported questionnaire developed by Coloplast. The survey was sent to members of the Coloplast Online Research Engine (CORE) survey...

A nurse-led educational intervention for relieving idiopathic constipation: a retrospective study

To describe the results of an evidence-based, nurse-led educational intervention for functional constipation in adults..

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