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Jacqueline Leigh

Reader, Teaching and Learning, School of Health & Society, University of Salford

Learning the rules of the game: how health and social care students learn to learn

‘Including both the explicit and the tacit … what is said and what is left unsaid, what is represented and what is assumed, subtle cues, untold rules of thumb; most of which may never be articulated,...

Has the pandemic response entrenched a pathogenic emphasis in education?

Antonovsky (1996: 171) cautioned that promoting a salutogenic orientation is challenging as ‘pathogenesis is too deeply entrenched in our thinking …’..

How many practice hours are required to become a registered nurse?

Recent NMC registrant figures demonstrate that nurses working in the UK come from all over the world, despite variances in compulsory practice hours. Table 1 illustrates this and demonstrates that...

Valuing the role of educators in practice: Greater Manchester's framework

‘More targeted support is required for those educating our healthcare learners and for those who lead on setting the culture for practice learning’ .

The knowledge and skills required of advanced level practitioners for accreditation and safe practice

The advanced level practice role started within the nursing profession in the 1960s in the USA. In the UK, advanced practice has had a mixed history since the role was first defined in 1993 by the...

The future of nurse education: imagining the art of the possible

‘6.12 understand the role of registered nurses and other health and care professionals at different levels of experience and seniority when managing and prioritising actions and care in the event of...

Student experiences of nursing on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic

‘The request for student nurses to work on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic brings with it many challenges … especially for those only part way through their degree’ .

A guide to the NMC emergency standards for nurse education during the current deployment of student nurses

Tables 1 –4 provide key information taken from the NMC Emergency Standards for Nursing and Midwifery Education (NMC, 2020). The standards are then explored in terms of the implications for...

Social prescribing: collaboration in times of stability and crisis

‘Supporting people, via social prescribing link workers, to make community connections and discover new opportunities, building on individual strengths and preferences, to improve health and...

Redefining undergraduate nurse teaching during the coronavirus pandemic: use of digital technologies

It is not clear when universities will reopen, allowing for the resumption of the delivery of nurse education that provides the face-to-face and online theoretical learning opportunities. What we do...

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