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Vaccinating children against COVID-19: the decision process

‘To advise UK health departments on immunisations for the prevention of infections and/or disease following due consideration of the evidence on the burden of disease, on vaccine safety and efficacy...

Valuing the role of educators in practice: Greater Manchester's framework

‘More targeted support is required for those educating our healthcare learners and for those who lead on setting the culture for practice learning’ .

Writing for publication: responding to peer review feedback

The first point to consider is that unless the paper is rejected, the journal wants to publish the work. The feedback is aimed at enabling you to develop the article to the standard required by the...

Understanding those ‘future nurses’

‘Who are these “future nurses”? What, and who, has shaped and inspired their decisions? What excites and worries them most about their next steps? … What can we learn from these individuals to shape...

Don't blame all patient safety errors on COVID-19

‘Aaron Cummins, whose trust serves patients in Lancashire and south Cumbria, wrote in an internal message to staff: “Sadly, despite everyone's best efforts, many of our patients are still receiving...

From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Team working part 8: the multidisciplinary team

I sometimes think that, as nurses, we become so accustomed to all the different people and professionals we work with and almost take for granted the catering, finance, building, pathology, IT,...

Assessing knowledge of nosocomial infection among Omani student nurses: a cross-sectional study

A cross-sectional design was used to assess the level of knowledge regarding nosocomial infection among student nurses in Oman. The data were collected between March and June 2020. This design was...

Pathophysiology applied to nursing: the basis for disease and illness

The word patho originates from the Greek pathos which means to suffer and logos implies a discourse or to study. Pathophysiology is the study of changes in body physiology at molecular, cellular and...

The management of delirium in the older adult in advanced nursing practice

Delirium is broadly described as a neuropsychiatric disorder of cognition, attention, consciousness or perception (Maldonado, 2018). These symptoms generally develop over a short period and can...

Self-management support for older adults with chronic illness: implications for nursing practice

‘The tasks that individuals must undertake to live with one or more chronic conditions. These tasks include having the confidence to deal with medical management, role management and emotional...

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