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An opt-out approach to hepatitis C virus testing in English prisons: the literature underpinning the policy

‘PHE is advocating the development of an “opt out” testing programme in prisons, whereby prisoners are offered the chance to test for infection near reception and at several time points thereafter...

Taking advanced clinical practice to the streets: an evaluation of the benefits and challenges in homeless health care

The definition of homelessness includes people sleeping rough, sofa-surfing or living in squats, emergency shelters or hostels (Homeless Link, 2014). Socially excluded people are 10 times more likely...

Using the transtheoretical model of behaviour change to analyse the impact of stopping exercise: a reflection

Becoming a student nurse meant giving up a full-time job and moving from a rural location with plentiful exercise spaces to an urban setting with limited green space. My new location meant I was away...

The exacerbation of inequality during the COVID-19 pandemic

‘It seems your health, opportunities and income are wholly reliant on the particular rung of the British social ladder on which you are positioned’ .

Antimicrobial stewardship: nurses' critical role in preventing antimicrobial resistance

Research shows that many people are unfamiliar with the purpose of antibiotics and how best to take them. For example, more than one third of the population surveyed thought that antibiotics were an...

Why a 30-second chat about smoking could save someone's life

The importance of good lung health to protect against the effects of COVID-19 has driven some smokers to try to quit, with numbers of those trying to do so at their highest in a decade. This is great...

Why air pollution is an important issue for all nurses

To support all health and care professionals to enhance their knowledge and, more importantly, to take greater action on key public health issues, PHE has published free online e-learning resources as...

What is inclusion health and why is it important for all nurses and midwives?

Nurses and midwives should be familiar with and understand the concept of inclusion health for people in their care because of the enormous implications this has on the way they deliver care. For...

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