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HIV at 40: reflections on and development of interdisciplinary working in HIV care

Unusually for the profession of applied psychology, psychologists and psychological theory and knowledge were centrally involved from the outset in defining problems and shaping responses to HIV..

Debating the best way to compensate patients for clinical negligence

When viewing the recommendations, it is important to guard against a purely economic perspective of the issues. The report clearly echoes the concerns of many that something must be done about the...

Effect of music intervention in colonoscopy-naïve adults: a randomised controlled trial

In all, 337 patients were randomised: 169 to the intervention group and 168 to the control group (Figure 1). Baseline characteristics (gender, age, weight and abdominal pain) were comparable between...

Critical thinking and diagnostic reasoning for advanced clinical practitioners in sexual health

As highlighted in the previous article (McPhillips and Wood, 2022) consent is critical when pursuing any sexual health examination and/or investigation. It may be given either orally, in writing or...

Acute pain assessments and records: a pilot study of digital transformation

Structured interfaces within an electronic health record, for example forms and templates, provide a method for rapid and consistent data capture by front-end users and fast mapping and manipulation...

Development of a simulation placement in a pre-registration nursing programme

‘An artificial representation of a real-world practice scenario that supports student development and assessment through experiential learning with the opportunity for repetition, feedback,...

Promoting professionalism

‘The autonomous evidence-based decision making by members of an occupation who share the same values and education.’ .

Closed safety system for administration (CSSA): proposal for a new cytotoxic chemotherapy acronym

Safe compounding of chemotherapy has historically received more attention than drug administration (Santillo et al, 2018), and guidelines for nursing safety vary considerably across Europe. Depending...

Inequalities in cancer screening, prevention and service engagement between UK ethnic minority groups

The 2011 Census showed that 13% of the total population were classified as ‘non-white’ ethnic groups, the largest groups being Indian, Pakistani, black African, black Caribbean, Bangladeshi and...

Public information needs and attitudes regarding cancer and cancer patients in Oman: a cross-sectional survey

Studies have shown that patients with cancer deserve and wish to be given information about their disease, diagnostic tests, and the available treatment (Al Qadire, 2014; Tariman et al, 2014; Al...

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