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COVID-19: protecting the medically vulnerable

‘There is no certainty when you live with a medical condition like CF but having clear and timely guidance from PHE and my own medical team has provided a much-needed level of assurance during this...

Catheterisation: a patient perspective

The catheterisation was beautifully done. A nursing staff member who introduced himself as Ramuel, came to insert the catheter. He told me he was putting anaesthetic on the head of my penis and that...

Implementing the Welsh patient safety notice on bowel care for patients at risk of autonomic dysreflexia

Wales, as a devolved nation, has its own health service provision and all health boards were obliged to undertake the requirements of the patient safety notice. It was soon identified that not all...

An introduction to urodynamics: procedure and patient care

Due to the intimate nature of the investigation, it is important to be aware that patients may, understandably, be embarrassed or frightened at the prospect of UDS. The nurse can help the patient...

Pressure ulcers and the prone position

The prone position is defined as lying in a horizontal position with the front of the body facing downwards. It is used to improve short-term oxygenation and lung compliance (BACCN, 2018)..

Fellowship, education and benevolence is core to The Company of Nurses

Creating a livery company for the nursing profession was a way to bring nurses together, wherever and whenever they had trained. Fellowship, help with education and professional development—and...

Social prescribing: collaboration in times of stability and crisis

‘Supporting people, via social prescribing link workers, to make community connections and discover new opportunities, building on individual strengths and preferences, to improve health and...

Prostate cancer in Scotland: an evolutionary journey

The complexities of the journey from diagnosis to treatment shine a light on the importance of the clinical nurse specialist (CNS) team, which acts as the glue that binds everything together. At the...

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