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Perceived sleep quality: a comparison between hospital nurses and student nurses

Essentially, sleep is a neurobehavioural state and a fundamental part of human physiology that allows the brain and body to recover, improve physical and mental performance, and to prepare for another...

Hidden disability: a study of the psychosocial impact of living with pituitary conditions

The findings from this study identified that pituitary conditions can have a detrimental impact on the quality of life of patients. Key symptoms were those that affected emotional, behavioural,...

Debating the best way to compensate patients for clinical negligence PART 2

Issues discussed in the HSCC report included the impact of clinical negligence claims on patients themselves, nurses, doctors involved in a case and on the NHS generally. There was a focus on reining...

Determining death in cases of severe brain damage

There is no statutory definition of death (Grubb, et al, 2010). Generally the Triad of Bichat, which defines death as the failure of the body as an integrated system associated with the irreversible...

It's never easy to leave our comfort zone

Dolan talks about thinking of the world through the prism of another's lens. As one of the most passionate speakers around, he stresses the importance of valuing patients' time and puts the user...

Developing therapeutic relationships with people living with HIV: exploring the nurse–patient relationship

An interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA) approach was used to guide all aspects of the study design. IPA is an approach used in qualitative, experiential and psychological research, developed...

Resurrecting the ‘fourth 90’: towards a definition of health-related quality of life in HIV care

Although Lazarus et al (2016) offered a timely reminder of the role of professionals to support people living with HIV to achieve and maintain a good health-related quality of life (HRQoL), they only...

The impact of the war in Ukraine on HIV services

The war in Ukraine has inevitably led to the country's health system functioning at reduced capacity, and attacks near hospitals mean people cannot safely attend for diagnosis or treatment....

HIV at 40: reflections on and development of interdisciplinary working in HIV care

Unusually for the profession of applied psychology, psychologists and psychological theory and knowledge were centrally involved from the outset in defining problems and shaping responses to HIV..

Debating the best way to compensate patients for clinical negligence

When viewing the recommendations, it is important to guard against a purely economic perspective of the issues. The report clearly echoes the concerns of many that something must be done about the...

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