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From staff nurse to nurse consultant Continuing professional development part 11: using reflection

Take a few moments to reflect on where you are in your professional career. How long have you been in your current role? What have you learnt? What are your clinical strengths? What are your...

Understanding the patient journey: a mechanism to reduce staff burnout?

The aim of this quality improvement (QI) initiative was to understand the impact, if any, of a non-clinical forum on critical care survivors and the critical care multidisciplinary team..

Improving support systems to safeguard the mental health of NHS nurses

Many nurses and other health professionals work in emotionally challenging situations, providing optimum care to service users day to day. It is interesting to note that the founder of modern nursing,...

The urgent need to make NHS mental health care safer

‘Mental health problems represent the largest single cause of disability in the UK. The cost to the economy is estimated at £105 billion a year—roughly the cost of the entire NHS.’ .

Developing a digital wound care course for student nurses

Identifying the need for the wound care course defines a clear rationale for the proposed development in terms of time and use of resources. For the development team, consisting of a clinical nurse...

T.I.M.E to improve patient outcomes: optimising wound care through a clinical decision support tool

Although classically described as a continuous timeline of discrete events, wound healing is actually a highly dynamic process with wounds progressing, stagnating and regressing through three...

Negative pressure wound therapy for skin graft closure in complex pilonidal disease

A 40-year-old man was referred by a district hospital for a consultation regarding plastic surgery at the authors' department for multiple fistulas at the sacrococcygeal region. The patient was a...

Properties and use of a honey dressing and gel in wound management

Revamil wound dressing (polyacetate sheet dressing impregnated with pure honey) and Revamil gel, a hydrophilic wound gel consisting of 100% honey that is marketed as enzyme rich with a low pH of 3.5,...

A nursing metaparadigm perspective of diabetic foot ulcer care

A metaparadigm can be described as ‘a set of concepts and propositions that sets forth the phenomena with which a discipline is concerned’ (Miller et al, 2003). Historically, three domains of the...

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