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The implications of health policy for nursing

The challenge of an ageing society is that the traditional way of moving through the NHS, by which patients see their GP, are referred for treatment in hospital, treated, discharged and return home,...

The importance of respiratory rate monitoring

The body requires oxygen as an important part of its energy provision process. The respiratory system provides the body with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide as a waste product. This is the process...

The benefits of an animal-assisted intervention service to patients and staff at a children's hospital

A service covering all areas of AAI was established by the author at a major UK children's hospital to augment the AAA service already available to the hospital. This service has expanded to three...

International scoping exercise into expertise in children's orthopaedic nursing and educational pathways

CON is in danger of being assimilated within generic surgical and medical nursing, with little recognition that certain skills and knowledge remain unique and are essential to providing the best...

Emergency nurses' perceptions of their roles and practices during epidemics: a qualitative study

Emergency nurses have a considerable role over the course of an epidemic. The evidence indicates that emergency nurses face an onerous burden at work during these circumstances (Lam et al, 2018). Both...

How the NMC quality standards assure nursing and nursing associate education

Under the auspices of the new NMC standards for nursing, the term ‘mentor’ is to be phased out and replaced with ‘practice assessors’, ‘practice supervisors’ and ‘academic assessors’. Unlike the...

Reviewing and responding to patient safety incidents in the NHS

Last month, there were two media reports on patient safety incidents:.

From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Continuing professional development part 12: keeping evidence

Soon after I qualified as a nurse I undertook two different types of CPD. One was a part-time taught diploma, which had lectures and examinations validated by the University of London. The second...

Alternatives to (antipsychotic) medication in people with dementia

Imagine a patient who has dementia (or someone who you may not even know has dementia) begins shouting as you move closer to them or begins removing their clothing and touching their private parts....

Forward thinking with reverse mentoring

‘To sit down with someone who's on the org chart six levels below me is educational … You learn about yourself, and how you differ from them.’ .

Intravenous infusion drug administration: flushing guidance

Theoretically there is a risk of under dosing, and this is evident in the literature. However, when an intermittent infusion is administered at regular intervals, the drug contained in the infusion...

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