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The psychological effects of working in the NHS during a pandemic on final-year students: part 2

The research team were interested in the psychological impact of deployment on final-year nursing and midwifery students working in the NHS during an international public health crisis. They...

Effectiveness of scheduled vital signs assessment during infliximab infusions in detecting infusion reactions: a multi-centre retrospective data review

Privately owned and operated infusion clinics began to appear in the early 2000s, when a number of IFX clinical trials ended and some hospitals could no longer provide services to these patients. In...

Managing central venous catheter dressings: a short gut syndrome case study

At 1 month of age, the patient was diagnosed with short gut syndrome after multiple surgeries to treat a malrotation and midgut volvulus. The patient received the first of many CVCs after a...

Resetting best practice in IV therapy and vascular access

In this IV supplement you will find two excellent international articles. The first is an insightful piece from the journal of the Canadian Vascular Access Association on the effectiveness of...

Solving the problem of IV dislodgement

After placement, IV catheters, whether PIVC or CVAD, will be secured to the catheter insertion site by a variety of methods. Accidental dislodgement of IV catheters occurs when the chosen securement...

Reducing the prevalence of antecubital fossa peripheral intravenous cannulation

The inspiration for this study came from the rising SAB rates in the authors' health service and the anecdotal observation that ACF PIVC was more likely to be associated with HA-SAB, similar to that...

The recognition and nursing management of common oncological emergencies in children

In the UK each year, around 1900 new cases of childhood (0-14 years) cancers are diagnosed (Children with Cancer UK, 2021). The most common are:.

Monitoring of blood glucose levels, ketones and insulin bolus advice using 4SURE products and app-based technology

The 4SURE blood glucose meter (4SURE Smart, NIPRO (Figure 2)) and the combined blood glucose and blood ketone meter (4SURE Smart Duo (Figure 3)) both exceed the updated ISO standards and are simple to...

Challenges for nurses in caring for patients with acute encephalitis: lack of knowledge, time and rehabilitation

A literature search was carried out to identify if there were any original research papers of the nursing care of patients with encephalitis. The databases Medline, Cinahl, Embase, British Nursing...

A nurse's perspective on the impact of coronavirus on health and the economy

The pandemic has underlined the importance of working together to accomplish the overriding goals of controlling the virus, restoring health services and restoring economic stability. However, as we...

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