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Use of a closed-system drug transfer device reduces contamination with doxorubicin during bolus injection

The study was performed in compliance with institutional guidelines. The nurses participated voluntarily..

Systemic anti-cancer therapy delivery in the home: a service model

Findings from the EMBRACE phase 3 clinical trial showed that eribulin significantly improves overall survival relative to treatment of physician's choice in patients with heavily pretreated metastatic...

Changing practice: moving to a specialist nurse-led service for BRCA gene testing

Descriptive statistics, tests for normality and independent t-test statistical analyses were performed using Stata 16 software..

Short-term urinary catheters and their risks: an integrated systematic review

UCs are inserted for short-term or long-term purposes (Bardsley, 2015). They are used mainly as a short-term measure in the clinical area to relieve retention of urine (Meddings et al, 2014). A...

Introduction to sacral neuromodulation therapy for urinary bladder dysfunction using an InterStim system

The results of a survey carried out in 2005 in Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK suggested that the sum total costs of overactive bladder with urge urinary incontinence for patients...

An overview of the diagnoses and treatments for penile cancer

The penis has a root and a shaft. The root anchors the penis in the perineum and the shaft is the external visible part of the organ, which ends in an enlarged triangular tip known as the glans penis,...

Epicardial pacing wires after cardiac surgery: an Irish cross-sectional study

The aim of this study was to evaluate the insertion, use, duration and complications of epicardial pacing wires following cardiac surgery in a cohort of patients in Ireland. The overall aim of the...

How to undertake a literature search: enhancing your search

Before thinking about other resources, do beware of bias in your results. Three areas of possible bias are database bias, time-lag bias and publication bias. Database bias means relying too much on...

Peripheral intravenous cannulation: reducing pain and local complications

Although peripheral IV cannulation has been part of the scope of professional practice for registered nurses and appropriately trained support workers, such as healthcare assistants and assistant...

Clinically indicated replacement of peripheral vascular catheters: is it safe for patients?

Nurses, as well as other clinical personnel, who have been certified as competent, insert PVCs in the hospital. Standard precautions training, including hand hygiene, is mandatory for all staff when...

The potential role of nurses in leading positive behaviour support

While PBS is described as a multicomponent framework that is delivered through an multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach, nurses' views of PBS were lacking in literature until recently (Savarimuthu,...

Traditional and complementary medicine in a nephrology department: practitioner knowledge and advice

This study was conducted in accordance with the principles guiding healthcare and research in the field of social health. Data confidentiality was guaranteed in accordance with the European General...

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