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An exploration of the role of advanced clinical practitioners in the East of England

The aim of the study was to examine the way in which the ACP role is used in acute and primary settings in one region of England and to understand its facilitators and barriers..

Pessary offer documentation in women undergoing surgery for pelvic organ prolapse at a tertiary care hospital

This was a retrospective cohort study conducted from January 2017 to December 2018. Consent for use of hospital records was taken from the unit head. Case records of all women who underwent vaginal...

Death anxiety and compassion fatigue in critical care nurses

‘Compassion originates as an empathic response to suffering, as a rational process which pursues patients' wellbeing, through specific, ethical actions directed at finding a solution to their...

Rapid tranquillisation: an issue for all nurses in acute care settings

It is important to differentiate between restrictive practices and restrictive interventions; however, the former may result in the latter. Restrictive practices involve restriction of a person's...

Early childhood caries prevention: non-dental health professionals' viewpoint

The discussion focuses first on the questions answered by all five types of practitioner then on questions for specific groups..

The effects of family-witnessed resuscitation on health professionals

A literature search was undertaken between May 2017 and June 2017 of the following databases: Ovid, Medline, CINAHL Proquest, Wiley and Google Scholar. Only studies published in English were...

Juggling to find balance: hearing the voices of undergraduate student nurses

There is global recognition of the increasing levels of stress, anxiety and mental health problems experienced by young people attending college and university (Denovan and Macaskill, 2016; Bennion et...

Evaluating the impact of nurse practitioner involvement in a pleural procedures clinic

The addition of NPs in PPC increased the clinic capacity. In the second 6-month period, 5.86 patients were seen per clinic compared with 4.57 in the first 6-month period (Table 1). A one sided t-test...

Influences on childhood immunisation decision-making in London's Gypsy and Traveller communities

The authors employed a qualitative methodological approach because this was an initial exploratory study with the aim of discovering new insights or themes about childhood immunisations in a...

What barriers prevent health professionals screening women for domestic abuse? A literature review

‘The term “domestic violence and abuse” is used to mean any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling behaviour, coercive behaviour or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those...

Coping among adolescents with long-term health conditions: a mixed-methods study

Adolescents spend most of their time at home and school. It is important to understand how adolescents cope with their illnesses in these two settings. This study investigated the coping strategies...

Interventions to improve inpatients' sleep quality in intensive care units and acute wards: a literature review

A systematic review method was used to examine previously published literature on the topic of sleep promotion and sleep quality. This method of study was chosen because it is a rigorous and valid...

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