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‘Selling their souls?’ Nurses' understanding of addiction and recovery in acute hospital settings

The findings presented are the participants' understanding of the concepts of addiction and recovery in relation to substance use. Of the 11 participants interviewed in this study, 9 were female and 2...

From policy to practice: creating a smokefree generation

In 2019, the Government published Advancing Our Health: Prevention in the 2020s announcing the ambition for England to become ‘smokefree’ by 2030 (achieved when 5% or less of the population smoke).

Black History Month 2023: what is it like to be Black and British right now?

The treatment of a young Black female gymnast in Ireland who was ignored because she is Black has been receiving widespread circulation and comment in the media. It is 2023 and it has been described...

Unconscious bias: gynaecological pain, the elephant in the womb!

‘Gynaecology, being predominantly focused on women's reproductive health, was sometimes considered less prestigious or less prioritised than other surgical fields’.

Improving public health and reducing health inequalities for people with learning disabilities

Learning disability is a lifelong condition for which there is no cure. Although different for everyone, the causes and implications are similar. The foundations of a learning disability are laid when...

Considering NHS patient safety culture in context

‘Treating over a million people a day in England, the NHS touches all of our lives. When it was founded in 1948, the NHS was the first universal health system to be available to all, free at the...

Windrush and the NHS: a nurse's perspective

‘As descendants of the Windrush generation, our strong links to the NHS as nurses is something I take great pride in, despite the racism that persists in the NHS’.

A hidden challenge: exploring food refusal in prisons

The most important starting point for my project was to tackle misconceptions around food refusal. Although it can often be a form of protest, the staff I interviewed thought that it was sometimes...

Is there a ‘best way’ to access compression garments?

More recently, Lymphoedema Wales Clinical Network published an economic evaluation in collaboration with medicine management personnel of the local health board pharmacy department (Thomas et al,...

Understanding the impact of money on people's health and wellbeing

The invisibility of financial insecurity and poverty means that for best outcomes, nurses and midwives should not wait for the person to ask for help. Instead, they should talk to people in their care...

Health inequalities: how nurses and midwives can make a difference

Social context, including where people are born, grow, live, work and age directly affect their health outcomes. The unequal exposure to environmental, behavioural and social risk factors can lead to...

Call it by its name: racism and the need to be anti-racist in British nursing

‘If report after report states that … it is only racial discrimination on an individual level and not institutional … then this only supports the argument that institutional racism survives’.

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