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A hidden challenge: exploring food refusal in prisons

The most important starting point for my project was to tackle misconceptions around food refusal. Although it can often be a form of protest, the staff I interviewed thought that it was sometimes...

Is there a ‘best way’ to access compression garments?

More recently, Lymphoedema Wales Clinical Network published an economic evaluation in collaboration with medicine management personnel of the local health board pharmacy department (Thomas et al,...

Understanding the impact of money on people's health and wellbeing

The invisibility of financial insecurity and poverty means that for best outcomes, nurses and midwives should not wait for the person to ask for help. Instead, they should talk to people in their care...

Health inequalities: how nurses and midwives can make a difference

Social context, including where people are born, grow, live, work and age directly affect their health outcomes. The unequal exposure to environmental, behavioural and social risk factors can lead to...

Call it by its name: racism and the need to be anti-racist in British nursing

‘If report after report states that … it is only racial discrimination on an individual level and not institutional … then this only supports the argument that institutional racism survives’.

Vulnerability and trauma-informed practice: what nurses need to know

Trauma may be an event, a series of events, or a set of circumstances that a person experiences as physically or emotionally harmful or life-threatening. Usually unexpected, it overwhelms an...

If the public can vaccinate, why not students? Review of a student nurse placement in a mass vaccination centre

In December 2020, as part of an ongoing review of placements within one established partner organisation, the potential learning opportunities within an MVC were discussed. These were identified as...

Benefit finding: understanding the impact and public health factors among COVID-19 patients in China

The concept of benefit finding for COVID-19 patients needs to be enhanced and informed. In addition to the education level and whether the patients have suffered from a previous major event, other...

Homelessness during the pandemic: helping the most vulnerable

Pathway ( sets up and supports homeless hospital discharge teams around the country..

Focusing on men's health: it's time for a national strategy

‘One of the main reasons for men's poor COVID-19 outcomes is that they are more likely to have one of the underlying health problems, such as hypertension, diabetes or lung disease, which increases...

What are the current factors that impact on health-related quality of life for women living with HIV?

‘That 90% of people with viral load suppression have good health-related quality of life.’ .

Physical activity: how nurses and midwives can make a difference

As with many of the behavioural elements of public health, people experience better outcomes when physical activity habits are formed early in life and continue into adulthood and old age. Commonly...

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