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Migrant and refugee health

Damaging, unsubstantiated untruths concerning migration and health abound. These have become accepted as true and used to support policies of exclusion. Exploitation of public fears regarding...

Developing the next generation

Since the 1970s, the EU Directive has underpinned our education programme...

Patients' experience of robotic-assisted surgery: a qualitative study

The aim of this study was to explore patient-reported experiences of RAS..

From clinical to corporate: opportunities for nurses away from the bedside

The work of the nurse is diverse and covers a range of sectors in which they can find employment. Nursing offers a variety of career opportunities within and outside of the NHS for roles relating to...

Asking the fundamental questions

Henrietta Hughes, the Patient Safety Commissioner, has shared her ideas on several patient safety matters (Hughes, 2023). These include the need to hear more of the views of patients at trust board...

It's important to take a step back and to see the whole picture

‘The importance of finding a balance and acknowledging both the positives and the negatives in my practice has become more and more evident over the past few months’ .

Your free revalidation toolkit

A free revalidation portfolio and CPD resource for nurses and midwives.

Editor's pick

How to become a compassionate leader

‘The shortcut to getting to the other outcomes – the financial outcomes, the quality outcomes, the patient experience outcomes – is to consider the wellbeing of the workforce. You can go back one...

The impact of stoma management education on the self-care abilities of individuals with an intestinal stoma

Several studies have shown that following the creation of a stoma patients may experience stigmatisation; having a stoma will also affect people's perception of their body image and sexuality, and...

Don't ignore the warning signs: take action on stress

“Look after yourselves so that you can look after your patients … and live as fulfilling life as you desire”.

A pilot study of a digital ostomy leakage notification system: impact on worry and quality of life

Despite continuous innovations in ostomy solutions, leakage of stomal effluent remains a major challenge in ostomy care. Digital health solutions, ie wearable devices and connected healthcare...

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An ordinary death

Who decides what becomes an ‘ordinary’ death and how this is this enacted are key questions, as well as how a person ‘should’ die or what is called a ‘good’ death. Answers to these questions will...

Saving time when preparing intravenous antibiotics

The introduction of IV fluid containers and dedicated needle-free transfer devices like Ecoflac Connect would allow rapid reconstitution of IV antibiotic doses on the spot, as needed, without the need...

A systematic scoping review of undergraduate nursing hub-and-spoke placement models

The student is allocated to their Mentor (hub) and allocated by that mentor to other areas/mentors (spoke) to ensure the student achieves a variety of experiences and skills that allows them to...

Clinical learning for pre-registration nursing students: a viva voce approach during COVID-19

Before COVID-19, clinical skills within higher education institutions were commonly assessed using a mixture of high- and low-fidelity simulation and assessment, involving both nursing-specific and...

The importance of keeping up to date with clinical guidelines and protocols

‘All these symptoms, according to NICE guidelines, should have immediately raised a red flag for sepsis (blood poisoning) in children under five. In the hospital's own Serious Incident Report, a...

Lifestyle medicine: a modern medical discipline full of optimism

Science is moving away from the determinism of genetics. In other words, away from the suggestion that our destiny is written exclusively in our DNA, that our health is unmodifiable and can be...

A survey of quality-of-life tools used in the routine care of patients with multiple myeloma

The aim of the survey was to evaluate standard NHS services by obtaining a snapshot of tools used to collect QoL data from myeloma patients. Two authors (SK and SH) developed an online questionnaire...

Educational material for social marketing and behaviours linked to early detection of breast cancer

The present study was conducted to investigate the effects of brochures used within the framework of social marketing on women's early detection behaviours (BSE, CBE and mammography). To the best of...

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Celebrating the cancer clinical nurse specialist

On 15 March we will see the second National Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) awareness day. Created by the Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance, this day is now embedded into our working year.

Cancer care in the digital age: the UKONS conference 2022

The conference opened with a thought-provoking talk from Heather Monteverde, Head of Services for Macmillan Cancer Support in Northern Ireland and Professional Adviser in the Department of Health for...

Men in nursing: smoke and mirrors

The disparity in the number of nurses in the UK who identify as men compared with women is acknowledged within the profession. However, research has focused on identifying that there is a gender...

An ageing population

In England and Wales, the population continues to age. The 2021 Census results confirm there are more people than ever before in older age groups – over 11 million people, 18.6% of the total...

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