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Get the basics right and the advanced skills will follow

Thursday 6 June 2024 at the Crowne Plaza Newcastle, Stephenson Quarter, Newcastle NE1 3SA.

A wealth of overseas experience to use

Working in the UK as an internationally-educated nurse (IEN) comes with its nuanced challenges, with career progression often obscured not only by the cultural and hierarchical barriers inherent to...

Taking care of nurses is a boost for patients and the wider economy

As I look ahead to International Nurses Day this year, I do so with retirement in mind. Indeed, I will have retired by the 12 May, so it is a bitter sweet moment for me. My career has been long and...

The value of nursing

‘High-quality nursing comes at a price, whether that be the personal and emotional price of nursing … or the financial price within our healthcare system to train, educate, retain and upskill our...

Virtual mentorship: the opportunities and limitations for nurses in international health partnerships

Birmingham City University's health partnership with emergency, trauma and critical care nurses in Zambia is no exception and we have had several successful virtual volunteering projects. We have...

Your free revalidation toolkit

A free revalidation portfolio and CPD resource for nurses and midwives.

Editor's pick

Basic life support training: Is student confidence enhanced by advanced levels of simulation?

The study objective was to examine whether the environment (clinical skills lab, classroom, HFS suite) or the level of simulation (LFS or HFS) in BLS training affects the students' confidence..

Obesity-related knee osteoarthritis: a role for the rheumatology advanced nurse practitioner in Ireland

A direct relationship was found between the degree of obesity and the level of clinical knee osteoarthritis (Raud et al, 2020). Globally, 16% of adults have been found to be obese, equating to...

Cardiac amyloidosis at a glance

Amyloidosis occurs when amyloid fibrils, which are aggregates of low molecular weight proteins, become insoluble and resistant to degradation. They then deposit in organs and connective tissues...

Surgical site infection prevention bundles: a focus on preoperative skin decolonisation

Preoperative bathing is a generally accepted practice within surgery as a measure to reduce the risk of avoidable surgical site infections. Evidence to favour the routine use of antimicrobial agents...

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Different stakeholder perspectives on NHS safety

An independent expert panel commissioned by the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee (HSCC) has issued the report of its findings on the Government's progress on meeting patient safety...

Getting to grips with generative AI

‘… a natural language processing chatbot driven by generative AI that allows you to have human-like conversations to complete various tasks. For example, the AI tool can answer questions and assist...

It's only a nasogastric tube, what could go wrong?

Welcome to the latest Nutrition Supplement. The updated National Nurses Nutrition Group (NNNG) Nasogastric Tube Guidance (2023) was launched at the BAPEN annual conference in November, where the...

Achieving nursing competency: pragmatic considerations

‘There is a lack of evidence to guide how often a clinical skill should be practised and whether this varies from skill to skill or nurse to nurse’.

Capacity strengthening for clinical nutrition in Zambia: a roadmap for success in tackling undernutrition

For individuals and families in low-income countries (LIC) this is further compounded by chronic poverty and food insecurity (Siddiqui et al, 2020). As the World Food Programme (2024) has pointed out,...

Eating disorders: is there a correlation between severity of physical compromise and admission outcomes?

‘… an intense fear of weight gain and a disturbed body image, which motivate severe dietary restriction or other weight loss behaviours such as purging or excessive physical activity.’ .

Changing the culture around hospital-based nutrition

The aim was to develop a wide, multifactorial collaborative approach to reduce the risk of such incidents recurring following a serious event..

RCN issues ‘warning’ over nursing associates

In a press release issued by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Welsh office in January 2024 (RCN, 2024a), the RCN Wales Director delivered a warning over the introduction of registered nursing...

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Trends in nursing applications

The University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) data for 2023 shows a mix of trends in the UK's higher education nursing sector (Council of Deans of Health, 2023; UCAS, 2023). A total of 48 625...

Lymphoedema specialists embedded into community nurse and wound services: impacts and outcomes

Using routinely collected assessment and follow-up data, the aim of this evaluation was to explore the clinical benefit, impact, outcomes and cost-efficiencies of embedding the OGEP model in five...

A guide to removing surgical staples

The body is capable of regenerating certain types of cells, such as epithelial cells and this is considered the most effective method of healing, as the regenerated tissue retains the same...

Critical reflections on formal teaching observations

A teaching observation allows the observer (peer) to extract information from the observed (the teacher) and assess the student learning and educational environment..

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