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Developing the Heart Failure Specialist Nurse Competency Framework

In recent years, globally, the profile of the nursing profession has increased and with it the demand for nurses to work at advanced levels of nursing practice, with such roles requiring a range of...

Creating an interprofessional education package on patients’ spiritual needs

When providing education around spiritual care, educationalists might share evolving knowledge or ideas that cannot be objectively measured. This ‘cognitive pedagogy’ approach (Mackintosh-Franklin,...

Virtual reality: the next step in nursing education?

In the past, simulation in nursing and healthcare curricula often focused on the teaching and development of clinical skills or procedural competencies with little attention paid to ‘soft skills’....

Improving patient communication through the duty of candour and shared decision-making

One way forward to ensuring good communication practices in health care is the proper implementation of the duty of candour..

Poor leaders feed on illusory insecurity

With regard to the conducive environment,Yapp (2016) reflected that in order for toxic leaders to be successful they need an environment within which they can thrive. Yapp identified four elements...

Nurses’ knowledge and experiences of peripheral intravenous catheter insertion at a tertiary paediatric health centre

The aim of the study was to determine paediatric nurses’ knowledge and experiences of PIVC insertion at a tertiary paediatric health centre..

Vascular access teams: a global outlook on challenges, benefits, opportunities, and future perspectives

Numerous vascular access devices (VADs) are placed worldwide annually,1 with up to 90% of all hospitalized patients undergoing catheter placement,2,3 resulting in substantial health care...

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The benefits of vascular access service teams

Vascular access in all its forms is the most common, invasive procedure patients will experience in healthcare today. From obtaining blood samples to the delivery of intravenous therapy, vascular...

Enabling informed clinical choice: an NHS Supply Chain initiative

ICC has been developed to assist clinicians in the decision-making process in assessing the suitability of a product. The aim is to provide clinicians with clear illustrations and descriptions of the...

Alteplase for the treatment of midline catheter occlusions: a retrospective, single-cohort descriptive study

This study included 49 hospital admissions for 48 unique patients who received 50 midline catheters, experienced 53 midline catheter occlusion events, and received 59 alteplase administrations into...

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Patients' perceptions and experiences of directly observed therapy for TB

The aim of the study was to understand patients' perceptions and experiences of DOT in tuberculosis treatment, with the following objectives, to:.

Assessing the impact of introducing trainee advanced clinical practitioners onto an acute oncology triage unit

The acute oncology triage unit at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust sees oncology and haematology patients presenting with various side effects of systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT) and complications...

Cell and body tissue physiology

This article outlines the basic structure and functions of cells and tissues; it is not intended to replace a biology textbook, which will provide more detail. Figure 1 illustrates a simple cell..

Can a high-fidelity simulation tutorial improve written examination results? Review of a change in teaching practice

Simulation is an active learning approach that enables nurse educators to provide students with exposure to complex clinical situations within a safe environment to develop and practise their...

Patient safety, choice and the law: news round-up

People who feel that they may have been wronged by a particular NHS resource allocation decision can access the courts to try to resolve the dispute. There is a well-developed legal framework on NHS...

Missed nursing care: a snapshot case study in a medical ward in Australia

The aim of this case study was to examine the missed nursing care phenomenon and to shed light on the possible predictors that may impact on the occurrence of missed nursing care in the context of a...

Treatment as a whole approach to intervention without consent

‘The consent of a patient shall not be required for any medical treatment given to him for the mental disorder from which he is suffering, [not being a form of treatment to which safeguards apply],...

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How to unlock nurse leadership potential

First, the review is clear that, rather than focus on individual leadership development or potential, we should learn from other large organisations that invest heavily in taking a consistent approach...

A matter of taste: alteration in patients with cancer

Taste alterations can describe a wide range of experiences, which can vary greatly between individuals. Cancer patients can report a change in perception and sensitivity, for example, noting foods...

A multidisciplinary approach to providing blended diet within the acute setting

Since early 2017, the Complex Enteral Nutrition service and Paediatric Dietetic service has been supporting children to commence a blended diet in the community setting. However, it was noted that...

Shared decision making in dysphagia

Oropharyngeal dysphagia is the term used for difficulties with eating and drinking due to impairments of the oral or pharyngeal phases of swallowing. Dysphagia may result in aspiration, where food or...

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