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Clinical negligence: should the NHS consider a no-fault system?

‘… costs … have continued to grow at an eye-watering rate. Ten years ago, the NHS paid £900 million in damages; last year it was £2.17 billion – equivalent to the annual running costs of the biggest...

Recruitment challenges in social care

‘… high levels of professional autonomy and responsibility. This supports confident and innovative practice together with strong clinical decision-making. The multi-faceted nature of their role means...

Building the future workforce through indirect supervision

Delivering health professional programmes in university settings is complex and resource intensive. It relies upon AEIs developing a pipeline of clinical academics. Recently, this has become more...

Digital age nursing: the reality

At a time that has been defined by rapid technological advancements, nursing finds itself at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. The integration of digital technologies into health care brings...

Exploring The Cognition Room

Gaining understanding of a person holistically, in relation to socio-positioning, life experiences, the impact of stressors on the multi-functional nervous system, as well as how they view themselves...

From policy to practice: creating a smokefree generation

In 2019, the Government published Advancing Our Health: Prevention in the 2020s announcing the ambition for England to become ‘smokefree’ by 2030 (achieved when 5% or less of the population smoke).

Expanding the role of the cath lab nurse and inspiring others

‘My idea was to train to perform angiograms. This would help the cath lab's efficiency, reduce waiting times, increase capacity, and improve nurse development and retention and patient...

Patient engagement, patient empowerment and patient safety

‘I have discovered that we need a seismic shift in the way that patients' and families' voices are heard. This requires changes in legislation, regulation, policy, commissioning, education,...

Working in primary care: an advanced clinical practitioner's perspective

‘In primary care you learn the skills of assessment, examination, diagnosis, creating a management plan and prescribing, all while upholding the principle of shared decision-making with the patient...

What do we mean by accountability?

‘The professions we regulate have different knowledge and skills … They can work in diverse contexts and have different levels of autonomy and responsibility. However, all of the professions we...

Back to patient safety basics: improving communication with patients

‘Trusts receive too many safety-related messages from too many different sources. The trusts we spoke to said there needed to be better communication and coordination between national bodies, and...

Applying the appropriate treatment test in the Mental Health Act 1983

‘Nursing, psychological intervention and specialist mental health habilitation, rehabilitation and care.’ .

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