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The QNI: fostering excellence

The Queen's Nursing Institute (QNI), established in 1887 during Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, was originally named in her honour. Since its inception it has had a royal patron, although not always...

Virtual placements in nursing education

Virtual placements are virtual clinical placements that use simulation technology to provide nursing students with practical experience in a safe and controlled environment. Students interact with...

Global progress and Never Events

The progress report from WHO offers important insights into strategies adopted, trends, issues, challenges, opportunities and so on. This will be a key resource for all stakeholders in patient safety...

Time to consider social care nursing as the fifth field of practice

‘… additional emotional intelligence and the use of ‘soft skills’ such as diplomacy, sensitivity and a heightened awareness that the Care Home is the individual's home. The Registered Nurse will...

Clinical placement insights: expectations and responsibilities

During your first-year placements, you'll have the chance to become familiar with healthcare settings, whether in a hospital or community. It's a time to understand the nurse's role, what is expected...

Fitness to practise: improving knowledge

When we have looked at the concerns raised by members of the public, the most common allegations relate to the following event allegations:.

Inclusion health

Ensuring that services are inclusive and responsive is a key aspect of population health care, contributing to improved overall health of the public. This requires breaking down the barriers people...

Creating lived experience simulations

The concept of narrative pedagogy originates from the tradition of learning from stories passed on from generation to generation. It is not a replacement for conventional pedagogies, but a valuable...

When does failing to obtain collateral history breach a nurse's duty of care?

Legally, individuals are not generally required to exercise care toward others unless a specific duty situation exists. However, in certain situations, called duty situations, the nature of the...

The NHS Constitution: a touchstone or out of touch?

Many organisations have mission, vision or value statements and drafting them is an art. There is a service industry devoted to this:.

Attracting young people into nursing

Using data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) large-scale Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) (OECD, 2018), Guo and Hau (2023) showed the...

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