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Smoking cessation: why is it a persistent problem in patients with peripheral artery disease?

NICE (2021) recommends that all patients who actively smoke should receive smoking cessation advice at each clinical assessment. Comprehensive smoking cessation programmes have been shown to be more...

Patient satisfaction of specialist nurse-led renal cancer follow-up

The study aimed to assess patient satisfaction levels with specialist nurse-led renal cancer follow-up. It was hoped that this would help validate the use of the service in this centre and also...

Challenges involved in collecting and analysing the reported experiences of patients with lymphoedema

An initial challenge for LW was identifying a suitable PREM. Several reviews caution the interpretation of PREMs, discussing the influence of preconceived expectations, a lack of robust validation...

Using photon disinfection technologies for reducing bioburden in hospitals

Infected patients, healthcare workers and visitors, whether diagnosed or asymptomatic, all contaminate surfaces, medical devices and other people, compromising the microbiological safety of healthcare...

Hand hygiene: simplify the procedure and support staff to comply

‘Semmelweis's plea for extension was not granted and the concept of handwashing was not continually implemented after his departure from the obstetric clinic in 1849.’

Person-centred critical care for a person with learning disability and COVID-19: case study of positive risk taking

From the initial identification of COVID-19 as a disease caused by a novel, highly contagious virus (SARS-CoV-2) presenting a global public health emergency, people with learning disabilities...

Improving knowledge of continence care to prevent skin damage associated with incontinence

This improvement programme was deemed exempt from ethics review according to local Trust policy.

Improving patients' bladder and bowel dysfunction assessments

Already established training was increased. Bespoke and accessible training sessions across the city were offered, along with continuing daily support offered to staff across the directorate at their...

The respiratory system and associated disorders

When respiratory disease alters lung function to the extent that the respiratory system is no longer able to meet the metabolic demands of the body, the patient is in respiratory failure...

Respiratory rate monitoring and early detection of deterioration practices

This study investigated patient deterioration detection initiatives and vital sign assessment practices in medical/surgical environments in Asia-Pacific (Australia, mainland China, Singapore), the...

An overview of Clostridioides difficile and faecal microbiota transplant: implications for nursing practice

Antibiotic therapy has been the cornerstone of treatment approaches for most infectious cases for half a century. Coupled with improved sanitation and increasing health literacy, antibiotics have...

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