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Changing attitudes towards vesicant drug administration

Commonly given intravenous (IV) drugs such as aciclovir, gentamicin and even furosemide, which are all vesicant, can all cause different degrees of tissue damage if they extravasate.

Valuing community input

he theme of World AIDS Day on 1 December 2023 was ‘Let communities lead’. This was a very welcome theme because it acknowledged that programmes for HIV prevention and initiatives for HIV treatment and...

Making our voices heard

At the beginning of October, Brighton played host to the Association of Stoma Care Nurses UK (ASCN UK) Annual Conference and 10-year anniversary celebrations. This year's theme ‘Making waves and...

Listening, sharing and supporting each other

‘We all have different titles but essentially our aim – to promote the importance of nutrition – is key to us all’.

Why work matters

Work can have a positive impact on health. It brings with it not only financial stability, but also personal contentment; it provides social connections as well as opportunities for growth and...

A drop in nursing applications

Applications to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) for nursing courses in the UK are down (as are applications for midwifery programmes). Scotland has seen the biggest drop, even...

Factitious disorder in IV therapy

It is essential to maintain a high level of suspicion while also approaching patients with empathy and understanding. Building a rapport with patients can help in effectively addressing and managing...

Black History Month

October signals another Black History Month. It brings with it an opportunity to celebrate the ongoing commitment that Black, Asian and other minority ethnic nurses, healthcare workers and students...

Protecting whistleblowers

It is important to recognise and support whistleblowers in health care. They play a crucial role in promoting transparency, accountability and patient safety within the health and care sectors....

First and foremost, patient safety

‘Each registered nurse, midwife and health visitor shall act, at all times, in such a manner as to: safeguard and promote the interests of individual patients and clients; serve the interests of...

A positive influence on stoma care practice

The importance of nurse education cannot be underestimated in the current NHS climate. The declining numbers of senior, experienced nurses in the NHS leaves a deficit in the availability of role...

75 years of the NHS: together we can meet our lofty ideals

Sustainability - a buzzword that applies to so many aspects of our lives in 2023 – is also a key issue for the NHS. That the sustainability of the NHS is a significant concern has placed it high up...

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