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Aysha Mendes

Editor, British Journal of Cardiac Nursing

Links between mental and heart health

Unfortunately, rates of depression and anxiety have been reported to be 20–30% after a cardiac event, and rates of post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide are also elevated (Jackson et al, 2018a)....

Heart disease: from living to living well

One of the first aspects that should be mentioned is the psychological effect that a life-changing diagnosis can have. Diagnosis comes with its own grief stages and research shows that almost all...

Heart failure: support at the end of life

Recognition of the need for supportive and palliative care for people with heart failure is increasing, including within guidelines and frameworks (Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), 2008;...

Alternatives to (antipsychotic) medication in people with dementia

Imagine a patient who has dementia (or someone who you may not even know has dementia) begins shouting as you move closer to them or begins removing their clothing and touching their private parts....

Avoiding hospital readmission of a person with dementia

Some people with dementia may appear not to understand what is being discussed and give the impression they don't have the ability to contribute to decisions being made about their care. However, if...

When a person with dementia is leaving hospital

Planning the discharge should start on admission and involve the multidisciplinary team, the family and carer and, importantly, the person themselves (NHSES, 2011). The key aims of discharge planning...

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