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Barry Hill

Associate Professor of Nursing & Critical Care, Employability Lead for Nursing, Midwifery & Health, Champion for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (LGBTQ+), Northumbria University

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Hypovolaemic shock

Shock is generally classified according to its cause. There are four main pathological mechanisms that can result in a state of shock (Vincent and De Backer, 2013; Stratton, 2019):.

Principles of mechanical ventilation for non-critical care nurses

There are two types of respiratory failure (O'Driscoll et al, 2017, for the British Thoracic Society):.

Coronavirus: origins, signs, prevention and management of patients

In late December 2019, a cluster of patients were admitted to hospitals in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, with an initial diagnosis of pneumonia of an unknown aetiology. These patients were...

Monitoring respiratory rate in adults

Health professionals use several terms to describe irregular respiratory rates, including:.

Measuring peak expiratory flow in adults with asthma

According to Dougherty et al (2015), in healthy individuals without any pathological conditions of the airways factors that determine PEF include:.

Monitoring temperature

A patient's temperature should always be recorded when conducting vital signs monitoring checks (Bickley, 2016). The assessment of temperature as an initial clinical examination allows practitioners...

Preparing nursing professionals fit for the evolving healthcare landscape

This may be a scary thought for some qualified staff. However, collaborative and inclusive theory, and practice education that is completely different from what has so far been the standard will...

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