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Maddie White

Chair, Association of Stoma Care Nurses UK

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A positive influence on stoma care practice

The importance of nurse education cannot be underestimated in the current NHS climate. The declining numbers of senior, experienced nurses in the NHS leaves a deficit in the availability of role...

Prevalence of leakage and its negative impact on quality of life in people living with a stoma in the UK

The Ostomy Life Study 2019 was an online, retrospective, self-reported questionnaire developed by Coloplast A/S (Martins et al, 2022b). A total of 54 614 people living with a stoma from 17 countries...

Partnerships in care

“We continually teach, learn and evaluate our practice and strive for better for our patients in terms of quality of care and advocacy” .

Convexity in stoma care: developing a new ASCN UK guideline on the appropriate use of convex products

The correct choice of pouch is essential and should be based on the type of stoma (colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy) created. A stoma appliance, also known as a bag or pouch, is generally made up of a...

Focusing on achievements

“The flexibility of specialist nurses, who adapted to the ongoing situation … deserves high praise and recognition” .

The legacy of the pandemic: the good and the bad

The longer term effects of COVID-19 will become apparent in the coming months and years .

Stoma care nurses: always ready to rise to the challenge

“Specialist stoma nurses are both resilient and adaptable, thinking outside the box to find alternative ways to maintain the quality of service they provide” .

Let's share our concerns about the future

‘As well as concerns about Brexit and staff shortages, our workload increases year on year because of the ageing population and their complex problems’.

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