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Matthew Wynn

Infection Control and Tissue Viability Nurse, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

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Getting wound care right: evaluation of a week of intensive teaching on wound care for undergraduate nursing students

It is widely recognised that wound care spans not only the life course of the population, but also the health and social care settings in which people may live, work and access. With rising numbers of...

The digital future of nursing: making sense of taxonomies and key concepts

Digital health is rooted in electronic health (e-health) and the two concepts are often used interchangeably. In his early work, Eysenbach (2001) defined e-health as an:.

Frugal innovation in wound care: a critical discussion of what we can learn from low-resource settings

While the NHS has a track record of creating and implementing innovations, it is less positive when adopting and diffusing them (Bamford et al, 2017). Despite the introduction of the NHS Long Term...

Deep tissue injury: a narrative review on the aetiology of a controversial wound

‘purple or maroon localized area of discoloured intact skin or blood-filled blister due to damage of underlying soft tissue from pressure and/or shear. The area may be preceded by tissue that is...

Patient expectations of pressure ulcer prevention in the NHS, healthcare demands and national policy: a critical commentary

Contemporary Government priorities in healthcare are published in the NHS Five Year Forward View (NHS England, 2014). PU care is not referenced explicitly within the document; however, a planned shift...

A clinimetric analysis of the Pressure Ulcer Risk Primary or Secondary Evaluation Tool: PURPOSE-T

The validity of a tool refers to how effectively it measures the phenomena it was intended to assess (Charalambous et al, 2018). In the case of the PURPOSE-T, validity depends on its accuracy in...

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