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Sam Foster

Chief Nurse, Oxford University Hospitals

We need to support those who speak up, for everyone's safety

‘Act without delay if you believe that there is a risk to patient safety or public protection.’

Unpicking disproportionate referrals

The need to take action relating to the known issue of disproportionate referrals to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) of certain groups of registrants has been one of the live areas of...

Raising the profile of nurse leadership

With no formal career path into nurse leadership identified, ENDs shared the view that shadowing senior roles was one example of invaluable support, referencing role models who were crucial to...

A global approach to workforce issues

‘Midwife and nurse graduates match or surpass health system demand and have the requisite knowledge, competencies and attitudes to meet national health priorities.’ .

Taking action on discrimination

‘There was a constant repetition of placement areas for me and many of my cohort. The placement team seemed unable to ensure a broad and balanced experience for students and were unwilling to look...

A focus on fitness to practise: reducing inappropriate referrals

Whoever I speak to professionally since joining the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), despite the many areas that I want to share with colleagues – such as plans to scope whether or not advanced...

Updating the standards should not mean moving the goalposts

‘There's a push to get as many nurses through as possible. I despair, the reason a [nurses' degree] programme is three [years] is because this is how we are regulated. The change in education that is...

The status of nurses in social care

‘From the nurse in a complex care at home provision who drives a multifaceted approach to bring people with complex health and care needs home. To the nursing associate who has led an initiative to...

A more international register means we need to support all our nurses

‘Turning off the taps to international recruitment is just not feasible nor desirable for the NHS. Our health services rely on overseas nurses, who on average stay longer with the NHS than their...

Join the debate on advanced practice

Beech et al (2019) published findings from research undertaken at The Nuffield Trust, outlining several high-impact interventions. These, if put into action, could help improve the workforce crisis.

Supporting international recruits

Having recently joined the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in my new role, I am confident that all the discussions that are central to our professional agenda are happening at the Council table.

We have the tools to raise our game

NHS England recognises the benefits of such systems as stated in its 2019 publication (NHS Improvement, 2019), namely that these programmes:.

Should tiredness be a trigger for action?

‘In other industries the management of rest is closely monitored. The health sector, which should be setting safety standards for others, appears to be at odds with that approach’ .

How to become a compassionate leader

‘The shortcut to getting to the other outcomes – the financial outcomes, the quality outcomes, the patient experience outcomes – is to consider the wellbeing of the workforce. You can go back one...

More of a good thing?

‘An artificial representation of a real-world practice scenario that supports student development and assessment through experiential learning with the opportunity for repetition, feedback,...

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