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Sam Foster

Chief Nurse, Oxford University Hospitals

A vision for nursing research

‘Research led by nurses and contributions they make as members of multidisciplinary research teams can drive change. It is the cornerstone of high-quality, evidence-based nursing.’ .

An alternative way to conceptualise aspects of modern nursing

Refers to work nurses do with their bodies. First, this is the impact of physical labour on nurses, but also the impact on time to undertake activities. This is area is not fully understood when...

Start spreading the word …

‘… aims to provide knowledge and demonstrate how “social movements” approaches can be used to deliver improvement at previously unseen levels of depth and scale.’ .

Unpicking the reasons for missed care

Skill mix, care hours available and experience along with material resources (availability of necessary medications, supplies, and equipment) were felt to be factors. To take one of their examples: an...

Understanding those ‘future nurses’

‘Who are these “future nurses”? What, and who, has shaped and inspired their decisions? What excites and worries them most about their next steps? … What can we learn from these individuals to shape...

Reflecting on the trainee nurse associate role uptake and impact

‘We've got some areas in the region where [trainee NAs] have really taken off … and then there's other areas in the region where there seems to be a real reluctance…’ .

Patient safety incident framework will ensure affected staff are not overlooked

On reflecting on what can be done, one can't help but feel that the way in which the NHS has traditionally managed patient safety incidents has not systematically supported the staff involved..

Creating a safe space to speak up

‘A shared belief amongst individuals as to whether it is safe to engage in interpersonal risk taking in the workplace.’ .

We need a clear strategy on vaccination

This month, Ford (2021) reported that the Royal College of Nursing had written to a hospital trust expressing concerns about its decision to redeploy nurses who declined the COVID-19 vaccine to...

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