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Sam Foster

Chief Nurse, Oxford University Hospitals

Meeting patients' mental health needs

‘Although mental health first aid has its place, this does not equip registrants who are caring for patients for extended periods’ .

NHS trusts must continue to tackle racism

Sam Roger, NHS England and NHS improvement strategy and policy lead for the WRES (Roger, 2020), set out four key lessons to help make improvements:.

Let's get the work–life balance right

Since January 2021, all jobs within NHS England and NHS Improvement are advertised as flexible, with all former staff encouraged to return with the promise of a better working pattern..

Understanding safety culture

‘Staff know that what they do carries risk, but the culture in which they work is one that views itself as essentially safe, where errors are considered exceptional, and where rigid hierarchical...

Can we reduce the risk of burnout?

‘The danger is that we do not see it. It is like the pattern on the wallpaper that we no longer see, but it is the number one predictor of staff stress and staff intention to quit. It is also the...

It's time to change the way we work

‘There is an opportunity for the NHS to learn from how other large organisations have developed systematic approaches to the options available to staff’ .

A question of identity

‘The lyrics to Janet Jackson's song, Nasty, includes this line, “No, my first name ain't baby, it's Janet. Ms. Jackson if you're nasty.” Miss Jackson doesn't like being called, “baby,” and neither...

Do we need a unified uniform policy?

‘Contact with several NHS professionals in a hospital and non-hospital setting can sometimes feel confusing, frequently due to not knowing who does which role.’ .

Practice makes perfect?

‘The tireless and outstanding commitment of all our nurses over the past year … is the best advert for the nursing profession.’ .

The benefits of joining forces

‘Today I worked with two CMTs. I would like to express my gratitude and thanks. I am extremely impressed by them, their resilience, their capacity to adapt and learn so quickly and being proactive....

Substantial support for staff wellbeing

‘The support from the psychologists has been invaluable in putting the whole wellbeing project on a professional footing. Without them, it feels like a group of well-meaning amateurs. They have...

Signposts on the road to recovery

‘The normal ways in which nurses de-stress, with wellbeing activities such as going to the gym, the pub or socialising together, are not available to us’ .

Shaping the post-pandemic recovery plan

The second imperative identified by Bailey and West (2021) will be to seek to transform the way that health and social care are delivered because the demand for services will be relentless. For this...

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