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Sam Foster

Chief Nurse, Oxford University Hospitals

Finding the right leadership style

‘I hope that the need for strong leadership is not misunderstood, by leaders, as a requirement to assert themselves on those whom they lead. Kind, compassionate leadership is the sweetness that...

A necessity, not a nicety

‘The mistaken belief persists that patient safety is about individual effort.’ .

Considering care in context

‘We are effectively running at 100 per cent occupancy in terms of available staffed beds.’ .

Supporting nurses' wellbeing

‘It is critical that organisations also tackle the underlying causes of stress, ill health and poor wellbeing—such as chronic excessive workload, bullying, inadequate supervision, discrimination and...

Blended learning: the future for nursing?

‘The blended learning nursing degree aims to help to attract those who may previously have faced barriers to a career in nursing’ .

The importance of leading with care

‘Nurture and care for yourself … look after each other and be able to talk about the emotional side of leading through the pandemic.’ .

BAME staff and microaggressions

‘There's the feeling that sometimes you're not understood, or you're treated maybe a bit differently … Or sometimes there could be comments made about your culture, your food, languages you might...

Burnout: a continuing problem

‘Compassionate and collective leadership (individually and institutionally) are core to ensuring staff have the right support.’ .

These are the hands that care

‘These are the Hands/That touch us first/Feel your head/Find your pulse/Make your bed … And these are the hands that … Log the dose/And touch us last.’ .

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