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Sam Foster

Chief Nurse, Oxford University Hospitals

Leadership in the time of crisis

Hall (2020) states that ‘great leaders care about their employees as people first and workers second. That distinction may not be noticed during a typical workday, but it becomes critical during a...

Just culture and staff wellbeing

‘A just culture considers wider systemic issues where things go wrong, enabling professionals and those operating the system to learn without fear of retribution’ .

We still need international applicants

Our support programme commences at the nurse's arrival in the Trust where they are settled into their hospital accommodation and provided with a welcome pack. The following day a welcome morning is...

Understanding complaints

‘Our role is to set the standards in the Code, but these are not just our standards. They are the standards that patients and members of the public tell us they expect from health professionals....

Facing up to financial hardship

‘With financial hardship becoming a very real issue for nursing staff, I feel it is important that we understand how as senior leaders we might signpost support for our colleagues or support them...

Developing new nursing leaders

‘Collective leadership is about everyone taking responsibility not just for their own job or role, but for the success of their team and their organisation as a whole. It is about ensuring that all...

Taking the measure of safety culture

‘Everyone can play a part in making patient safety a top priority. But there is a wider challenge for us all to effect the cultural change that we need, to have the humility to accept that we all...

Make the most of the AHP workforce

‘My view is that it is just not possible for everyone to know the range of skills these wider professions can offer across the health, care and wider system and the impact they can make. But every...

A focus on culture and leadership

‘Compassionate leadership in practice means leaders listening with fascination to those they lead, arriving at a shared (rather than imposed) understanding of the challenges they face, empathising...

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