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Sam Foster

Chief Nurse, Oxford University Hospitals

A social approach to health

‘A means of enabling GPs, nurses and other primary care professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services. Recognising that people's health is determined primarily by a range of...

To sleep, perchance?

‘Planning sleep and using sleep in a careful and controlled way to improve the level of care that you are delivering is really important. But there is this blanket cultural idea that we don't pay...

Flexible working could improve retention

Timewise (2018), a community interest company, worked with a number of trusts to scope how flexible working could aid retention. The resulting three-part action plan is a good starting point for...

Forward thinking with reverse mentoring

‘To sit down with someone who's on the org chart six levels below me is educational … You learn about yourself, and how you differ from them.’ .

Staffing is not just a numbers game

‘My own ward observations support the findings of this report regarding the importance of high quality leadership within wards and the value of a systematic team environment.’ .

A clinical view on health and safety

‘Connors' death whilst under our care was entirely preventable, and today we have pleaded guilty to the charges brought against the Trust by the HSE, Connor's loss continues to have a devastating...

Self-care is a vital part of safe care

‘Employers and managers need to recognise that in order to create safe and healthy working environments, nurses should be able to have regular breaks and have access to drinking water and healthy...

Tackling racial bias in NHS workplaces

Bennett et al (2016) highlighted research across the UK showing that NHS staff from BME backgrounds often experience inequality, discrimination and prejudice in the workplace. Indeed, they are...

Support for present and future leaders

‘The conditions in which leaders operate are stressful and difficult, with great responsibility and the highest stakes. Over time, this has led to a negative working culture in which both bullying...

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