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Sasha Ban

Senior Lecturer in Children's Nursing, Department of Health and Life Sciences, University of Northumbria, Newcastle

A brief overview of fetal alcohol syndrome for health professionals

Alcohol is a teratogen that has a toxic effect on the developing fetus (BMA, 2007a). FASD is seen as a non-diagnostic umbrella term (Riley et al, 2011; Nash and Davies, 2017; Blagg and Tulich, 2018)...

‘Hello, my name is …’: an exploratory case study of inter-professional student experiences in practice

‘I lost count of the number of times I have to ask staff members for their names. It feels awkward and wrong. Introducing yourself is the basic first step.’ .

Adolescence: physical changes and neurological development

Puberty has been described as one of the most profound biological transitions in a person's life (Susman and Rogol, 2014). Among the many endocrine and paracrine activities, one catalyst for these...

Body dysmorphic disorder in children and young people

BDD is an increasingly prevalent condition (Himanshu et al, 2020) with psychological and functional impacts, so recognition and treatment is essential. Furthermore, suicide rates in the UK among...

Congenital heart disease in children

The 20-week antenatal scan is the primary point at which the structures of the heart are examined. The heart is one of the first organs to be formed in utero. By 8 weeks' gestation, the heart's atria...

Fabricated or induced illness in a child

The first population-wide estimates were made by McClure et al (1996) by collating 128 reports of Munchausen's syndrome by proxy, non-accidental poisoning and non-accidental suffocation sent to the...

Basic life support for the child and infant

‘All registered nurses must demonstrate the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide first aid procedures and basic life support.’ .

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