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The staffing roundabout

It goes on and on and on, the roundabout, and there is nothing magic about it. Staff shortages, something that many nurses feel acutely every day, continue to spiral upwards.

Psoriasis: overview, treatments and implications for nursing care

Psoriasis is a complex disease with numerous risk factors and a multifactorial inheritance pattern. Approximately one-third of affected patients have a first-degree relative with the disorder,...

Children's care: family centred but child focused

Children's nursing in the UK can be seen to have been through six broad phases in the modern era. These are not necessarily discrete stages, since the development of children's nursing has been...

Pulsed ventricular tachycardia: a case study

Max, a 65-year-old gentleman with no prior past medical history, had been admitted to the emergency department as a ‘resus pre-alert’ at the beginning of this admission 1 week previously. Ambulance...

The leadership role and development for the registered nursing associate

‘Leadership is considered a multifaceted process that inspires, influences and motivates individuals towards a common goal … a positive workplace culture that supports the delivery of effective,...

Putting patient wellbeing and confidence at the heart of the service

This was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide vital links with patients when they were unable to attend the outpatient clinic. Contributions from patients and the volunteers helped to...

Patient safety and the law: driving the development of a patient safety culture

This discussion raises the issue of what is primarily driving the development of an NHS patient safety culture and how these aims could be seen negatively by nurses, doctors and other stakeholders....

How far I've come: reflecting on my progress after 6 months in the role

‘I am definitely still travelling over road bumps from time to time, but they occur less frequently and are becoming easier to level out’.

Join the debate on advanced practice

Beech et al (2019) published findings from research undertaken at The Nuffield Trust, outlining several high-impact interventions. These, if put into action, could help improve the workforce crisis.

Comprehensive evaluation of a cutaneous T-cell lymphoma education webinar

Arguably, webinars are a means of providing accessible, specialist education that is proportionate to the demand for such education; however, the authors questioned the effectiveness of delivering...

Pain experience of cancer patients receiving care in a multidisciplinary pain management clinic

A convenience sample of 73 Jordanian cancer patients over the age of 18 years initially agreed to participate in the study at the KHCC in Jordan. Of these, 58 completed data collection at all time...

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