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Improving nurses' blood transfusion knowledge and skills

Education and training are essential in blood transfusion to reduce the risk of adverse events (Jimenez-Marco et al, 2012). Improving knowledge and understanding and addressing the issue of patient...

Death, dying and caring: exploring the student nurse experience of palliative and end-of-life education

Metasynthesis is a systematic and comprehensive scientific inquiry that takes and integrates all the findings across a set of reports, resulting in a complete description of the experience under...

Patient safety and clinical negligence: the importance of looking back

Lord Woolf 's Civil Justice Review, Access to Justice (Woolf, 1996), changed the face of civil litigation in England and Wales. The reforms brought about judicial case management. Judges became the...

A more international register means we need to support all our nurses

‘Turning off the taps to international recruitment is just not feasible nor desirable for the NHS. Our health services rely on overseas nurses, who on average stay longer with the NHS than their...

Futureproofing: the nurse as advocate in a world of change

This year's International Nurses Day featured a new Charter for Change, released by the International Council of Nurses (ICN). The Charter emphasises the need to ‘urgently address and improve support...

HIV Matters: an educational podcast series to improve outcomes for people living with HIV

A podcast is a series of digital audio recordings that can be streamed or downloaded from online sources and consumed using mobile devices. ‘Podcasting’ is not a new phenomenon, having existed for...

Evolution of a video project to translate research findings about patient experiences into improved clinical care

This article details the processes of identifying and developing a set of co-produced, evidence-based educational resources to improve patient care..

The staffing roundabout

It goes on and on and on, the roundabout, and there is nothing magic about it. Staff shortages, something that many nurses feel acutely every day, continue to spiral upwards.

Psoriasis: overview, treatments and implications for nursing care

Psoriasis is a complex disease with numerous risk factors and a multifactorial inheritance pattern. Approximately one-third of affected patients have a first-degree relative with the disorder,...

Children's care: family centred but child focused

Children's nursing in the UK can be seen to have been through six broad phases in the modern era. These are not necessarily discrete stages, since the development of children's nursing has been...

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