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Importance of timely administration of dopaminergic medications to improve Parkinson's patients' clinical outcomes

Parkinson's was first described as the ‘shaking palsy’ and in the 1870s was named Parkinson's in honour of James Parkinson who was responsible for distinguishing Parkinson's from other diseases...

Reducing missed medications in surgical patients

To investigate whether an elective general surgical patient had missed a dose of their regular medication, the authors looked at the patient's electronic prescribing record (Electronic Prescribing and...

Developing anti-racist undergraduate nursing education: themes and action

In 1950, UNESCO published a controversial Statement on Race, which declared that there was no such thing as biological race. This is supported by Golash-Boza (2016), who described ‘race’ as a social...

Embedding the A-EQUIP model of restorative supervision in a critical care unit by professional nurse advocates

Before implementation of the role and to understand the existing knowledge that staff had around the role, a questionnaire was sent to all staff. Of the relevant 83 staff members, 53 responded (a...

Impact of an educational intervention for advanced cancer patients referred for early phase clinical trials

This original research was centred in the specialty of early phase cancer research, the branch of clinical research that focuses on phase one and phase two clinical trials:.

How person-centred care can be provided in forensic mental health

To understand the impact of person-centred nursing policy on forensic mental health care, one must first forge a definition of person-centred nursing policy. Smith-Merry et al (2007) defined policy as...

Nurses: ‘If you truly value us, then show it!’

As a 46-year veteran nurse, who is now retired, I wholeheartedly concur with Tiffin's (2012) statement that nursing is a process that has evolved from the position of a vocation to the status of a...

Introducing the Back to the Floor concept at the Royal Wolverhampton and Walsall Healthcare NHS Trusts

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, it was recognised by the senior nursing and midwifery leadership team that a collective re-set and more focus on the fundamentals of care was required. As a result, a...

Stop the NHS patient safety policymaking and practice merry-go-round and act

In the light of the above, is it fair to characterise NHS efforts to handle patient safety crises and develop policy and practice in the area as akin to being on a patient safety merry-go round? It is...

The relationship between the professional practice standard and a nurse's advisory role

‘A single comprehensive duty covering all the ways you are called on to exercise skill and judgement in improving the mental and physical condition of the patient.’ .

Taking action on discrimination

‘There was a constant repetition of placement areas for me and many of my cohort. The placement team seemed unable to ensure a broad and balanced experience for students and were unwilling to look...

Venous and lymphovenous lower limb wound outcomes in specialist UK wound and lymphoedema clinics

‘Damage to or alteration of the free flow of lymph through local or regional lymphatic vessels in the area of a chronic wound contributes to pathological changes to the lymphatic system and...

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