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Sharps injuries within the healthcare student population: a narrative review

The aim of the narrative review was to identify the extent, type and causes of sharps injuries sustained by healthcare students other than those studying nursing, medicine or dentistry..

Maintaining patient safety in medication administration

Despite being a relatively new professional role, the Registered Nursing Associate (RNA) has a key part to play, working alongside registered nurses and other healthcare staff, to ensure patient...

Promoting excellence, governance and innovation in prescribing education

As a network, creativity and innovative practices are discussed in an open and transparent manner that is then developed and shared, which allows opportunities to explore new and evolving topics to...

Improving care for cardiac patients with heart arrhythmias

Within my own hospital the NSF enabled me to develop the role of Cardiac Rhythm Nurse Specialist, and reconfigure existing services under one umbrella, forming a comprehensive service for patients,...

A passion for improving the wellbeing of young families, with a focus on children

Within the support offered to families, I applied many tools, including the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (Warwick Medical School, 2021), Outcome Stars (Triangle Consulting Social...

Patient safety: why does the NHS always seem to get a bad press?

Rob Behrens, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO), gave evidence to the Times Health Commission (Sylvester, 2023a; 2023b). This was a controversial session during which the PHSO...

Practice hours: examining the evidence

This month, I joined a panel to discuss NHS England's NHS Long Term Workforce Plan (NHS England, 2023). The chair of the panel welcomed the plan, highlighting that significant funding was available to...

Listening, sharing and supporting each other

‘We all have different titles but essentially our aim – to promote the importance of nutrition – is key to us all’.

Nurses are ideally placed to spot malnutrition in vulnerable patients

Malnutrition too often goes unnoticed. When nutrition hits the headlines, it is typically regarding obesity or the ‘desirability’ of losing weight. However, there is a fundamental importance to...

Targeting malnutrition in patients with COPD in the community

Current figures relating to malnutrition in the UK reveal that up to 3 million people at any one time are living with malnutrition (British Nutrition Foundation, 2023) and 93% of malnutrition occurs...

Irritable bowel syndrome and endometriosis: diagnosis, similarities, and nutritional management

Both IBS and endometriosis can be challenging to diagnose. Diagnosis is based on a combination of medical history, physical examination and imaging..

Evaluating the efficacy of a programme to educate nurses on CLABSI linked to total parenteral nutrition administration

The authors believe that this study is one of a kind because few studies have been conducted based solely on CLABSI occurrence linked to TPN administration. This study has concentrated on the...

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