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A positive influence on stoma care practice

The importance of nurse education cannot be underestimated in the current NHS climate. The declining numbers of senior, experienced nurses in the NHS leaves a deficit in the availability of role...

Importance of stoma care nurses in preparing patients for stoma surgery and adjustment to life with a stoma

The Ostomy Life Study 2022 consisted of two online, retrospective, self-reported questionnaires developed by Coloplast A/S. One questionnaire was designed for people with a stoma and the other for...

An exercise project to prevent parastomal hernia and promote patient health

A parastomal hernia is defined as a protrusion through the abdominal wall defect created during stoma-forming surgery. They range in size from a small asymptomatic bulge to a large complicated mass...

Innovation and digital nursing: providing continuity in stoma care to patients during the pandemic

Our nursing team has developed and implemented processes around the use of digital technologies and remote working in stoma and pouch care, including virtual clinics, a digital advice line, remote...

The role of the clinical nurse specialist in stoma care: a scoping review

Defining the stoma care CNS role is difficult because of the number and variety of activities that are undertaken and the rapid way in which nursing roles evolve..

Delivering men's health

There is a need for nurses and other health and care professionals to develop a greater knowledge and awareness of the needs of men and boys so as to improve assessment and treatment. Men and boys...

Professional identity in nursing

Registered nurses are the largest group of health professionals globally, playing an essential role in the delivery of quality healthcare. Nursing has evolved over time, with the responsibilities of...

Improving knowledge of continence care to prevent skin damage associated with incontinence

This improvement programme was deemed exempt from ethics review according to local Trust policy.

Improving patients' bladder and bowel dysfunction assessments

Already established training was increased. Bespoke and accessible training sessions across the city were offered, along with continuing daily support offered to staff across the directorate at their...

The vascular system and associated disorders

Blood vessels are often described as channels that carry blood throughout the body, forming a closed circuit that begins and ends at the heart. Blood travels through the blood vessels following a...

Importance of timely administration of dopaminergic medications to improve Parkinson's patients' clinical outcomes

Parkinson's was first described as the ‘shaking palsy’ and in the 1870s was named Parkinson's in honour of James Parkinson who was responsible for distinguishing Parkinson's from other diseases...

Reducing missed medications in surgical patients

To investigate whether an elective general surgical patient had missed a dose of their regular medication, the authors looked at the patient's electronic prescribing record (Electronic Prescribing and...

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