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Improving care for head-and-neck and thyroid cancer patients

‘At the centre of care has been the ongoing communication and engagement with patients, which has helped to shape the delivery of the service’ .

Why we all need to speak up

‘In the NHS, we sensed a lack of psychological safety to speak up and listen, despite the excellent progress made since the Francis Report. We would observe that the Freedom to Speak Up initiative...

Working in partnership

If the NHS is to aspire to a health and care service offering people personalised care, care that is tailored to the needs of every individual and care that works for everyone, then working with...

Equity in health care

Equity in health care, defined as equal opportunity for all individuals to achieve their full health potential, regardless of their diverse socio-economic and demographic circumstances, remains an...

Quality of life among older patients receiving faecal microbiota transplant for Clostridioides difficile infection

The aim of this study was to gain new knowledge about patients' experiences with regard to their quality of life during an FMT treatment course for CDI..

What is known from the existing literature about how sleep is measured in HIV care? A scoping review

Scoping reviews aim to rapidly map the key concepts underpinning a research area, by exploring the evidence available to understand more about a particular area of research and practice. These reviews...

How does intersectionality impact the quality of healthcare services for Black women living with HIV?

Extended literature reviews are a form of secondary research conducted using existing primary research that can contribute to evidence-based practice (Harris, 2020). They are undertaken to consolidate...

Valuing community input

he theme of World AIDS Day on 1 December 2023 was ‘Let communities lead’. This was a very welcome theme because it acknowledged that programmes for HIV prevention and initiatives for HIV treatment and...

Multidisciplinary working in a community HIV specialist service

Due to the large geographical area, 30 eligible patients were selected from the West Sussex, Brighton and Hove area using the following inclusion/exclusion criteria:.

Simulated patients

One of the consistent challenges in nurse education is the lack of coordination between theory and practice. Students often encounter difficulties in the practical implementation of theoretical...

World AIDS Day 2023: 35 years on

Each year on 1 December, the world comes together to mark World AIDS Day. This event serves as a reminder of the global struggle to end HIV-related stigma, an opportunity to remember those who have...

Enhancing dermatology nursing education in Scotland and Ireland: a multifaceted approach

The deficit of appropriate and accessible education, particularly formal courses for highly specialist nurses, has been widely reported, including in dermatology (Gould et al, 2007; Price and...

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