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Trends in nursing applications

The University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) data for 2023 shows a mix of trends in the UK's higher education nursing sector (Council of Deans of Health, 2023; UCAS, 2023). A total of 48 625...

Lymphoedema specialists embedded into community nurse and wound services: impacts and outcomes

Using routinely collected assessment and follow-up data, the aim of this evaluation was to explore the clinical benefit, impact, outcomes and cost-efficiencies of embedding the OGEP model in five...

A guide to removing surgical staples

The body is capable of regenerating certain types of cells, such as epithelial cells and this is considered the most effective method of healing, as the regenerated tissue retains the same...

Critical reflections on formal teaching observations

A teaching observation allows the observer (peer) to extract information from the observed (the teacher) and assess the student learning and educational environment..

A palpable sense of frustration with NHS patient safety culture development

Patient Safety Learning (2024) is a charity for improving patient safety that provides excellent resources to share learning. It has recently produced a report analysing the results of questions...

Do we know where we are heading?

‘Trust leaders want – and need – the NHS long term workforce plan to be a success. It is therefore deeply concerning that “significant weaknesses” in its modelling have been identified.’ .

Learning from incidents

Complications in clinical practice are not uncommon. For most patients, having a vascular access device or IV therapy will be the most invasive procedure they will experience during their hospital...

Near-infrared technology for improved PIVC placement: a clinical technology implementation model

PIVC placement is the most common invasive procedure performed in acute care, with up to 90% of patients requiring intravenous therapy (Alexandrou et al, 2018; Jones, 2018; Marsh et al, 2021). PIVC...

Extravasation and infiltration: under-recognised complications of intravenous therapy

The NIVAS extravasation and infiltration toolkit focuses on the prevention, awareness, treatment, reporting and follow-up of these injures..

Using a LOng peripheral intraVEnous catheter with retractable guidewire to optimize first-insertion success for patients with Difficult IntraVenous Access in the emergency department (LOVE-DIVA): a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Establishing vascular access for DIVA patients is an ongoing challenge for ED clinicians. This RCT is the first trial investigating whether a novel GW-PVAD makes a difference in the first-insertion...

Establishing a plan to improve pediatric patient comfort during PIV insertions and blood specimen collection: a quality improvement effort

We were able to meet the original project goal for both year 1 and year 2 (stretch goal). Actions that may have contributed to the shift in the fall of 2021 include the multiple education...

International recruitment

The NHS has a long history of recruiting international staff to enhance its domestically educated workforce. In 2022-2023 the number of UK-educated joiners on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)...

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