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The experiences of patients using a cancer hotline service

The present study aimed to evaluate oncology patients' experience with a hotline service in a tertiary cancer centre, identifying areas for local improvement and to inform the work of the hotline.

Ovarian cancer red flags: help prevent delayed diagnosis

Symptoms of ovarian cancer are non-specific and are often accepted by women as normal changes associated with ageing, such as menopause (Bankhead et al, 2008). This is a dangerous misconception that...

Demand for end-of-life care

When thinking about the end of life, many people would prefer to die at home. However, half of deaths occur in hospital. This is often due to a lack of in-home and community-based support. The...

A framework for simulated practice in nurse education

The ASPiH Standards 2023 (ASPiH, 2023) present a comprehensive framework for integrating simulation in healthcare education. This is particularly relevant for nursing, where the Nursing and Midwifery...

Impact of unscheduled nurse-led virtual care for people with diabetes on nursing practices and patient satisfaction

The study aimed to examine nurse practices and patient satisfaction with the delivery of unscheduled nurse-led virtual care for diabetes provided in an outpatient setting in an acute care urban...

The critical role of pen needles and training in insulin delivery

Both active and passive devices are designed to help improve the patient experience and be intuitive to use. However, the two devices have some fundamental differences and benefits..

A guide to pain assessment and management in adults

Knowledge of pain processes has changed considerably over the past 500 years, when there was the belief that pain is a sensation linked to body fluid imbalance, evil spirits or a punishment from God...

Nursing assessment and care for a patient with a neurological disorder

When formulating a nursing care plan for Mr Brown, it is crucial to uphold certain principles that guide the care provided. One such principle is taking a holistic approach that considers Mr.Brown's...

Healthcare experiences of people living with medically unexplained symptoms: a systematic review

A bank of search terms was cultivated by a scoping search of existing literature. A PICO (patient/population, intervention, comparison and outcomes) format of the terms was adopted, with Boolean...

Simulation in nursing: the importance of involving service users

Including patients as educators in the development of nursing simulation scenarios and as patient representatives can offer unique perspectives and insights, sharing the lived experience of service...

Starting a career in research nursing during a global pandemic

The research nurses, KR and AJ, were recruited to a National Institute for Health and Care Research trial taking place within the nurses' NHS Trust (see Box 1). This aimed to explore the novel...

Be careful about what you wish for in NHS patient safety reform

‘Patients struggle to navigate the complaints system and it may take some time to find the correct organisation to complain to.’ .

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