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Developing the nursing research agenda during the COVID-19 pandemic

Because of the unique characteristics of COVID-19, there is a need to better understand the sociodemographic, clinical and symptom profile of patients, which will eventually inform nursing...

Benefit finding: understanding the impact and public health factors among COVID-19 patients in China

The concept of benefit finding for COVID-19 patients needs to be enhanced and informed. In addition to the education level and whether the patients have suffered from a previous major event, other...

Homelessness during the pandemic: helping the most vulnerable

Pathway ( sets up and supports homeless hospital discharge teams around the country..

Facial ulcers in patients with COVID-19 admitted to ICU: review of the evidence

A multi-case research study approach, using secondary data, was used to critically analyse the development of pressure ulcers in COVID-19 patients admitted to ICU and nursed in prone position. A case...

Keeping warfarin patients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic: review of an INR self-testing programme

Between June 2020 and January 2021, 71 patients and two nursing homes were trained in the use of the CoaguChek XS device at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Only one patient was unable to...

Evaluating a psychological support service focused on the needs of critical care and theatres staff in the first wave of COVID-19

Research from previous pandemics has shown that working with additional pressures has both a physical and psychological impact on healthcare workers. For example, about 10% of those working in health...

Vaccinating children against COVID-19: the decision process

‘To advise UK health departments on immunisations for the prevention of infections and/or disease following due consideration of the evidence on the burden of disease, on vaccine safety and efficacy...

Don't blame all patient safety errors on COVID-19

‘Aaron Cummins, whose trust serves patients in Lancashire and south Cumbria, wrote in an internal message to staff: “Sadly, despite everyone's best efforts, many of our patients are still receiving...

A nurse's perspective on the impact of coronavirus on health and the economy

The pandemic has underlined the importance of working together to accomplish the overriding goals of controlling the virus, restoring health services and restoring economic stability. However, as we...

COVID and coerced consent: a breach of the Code?

‘In order for an apparent consent … to be less than a true consent … there must be such a degree of external influence as to persuade the patient to depart from her own wishes.’ .

Psychological impact of caring during the COVID-19 pandemic on HIV nurses

To establish how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on the professional quality of life of HIV nurses in the UK and Ireland..

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