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Emergency management of neck stoma patients during the coronavirus pandemic: a national nurse survey

A nationwide prospective survey was formulated and distributed electronically to nurses across all specialties within primary and secondary care. Dissemination platforms included direct contact with...

Reducing variations in clinical nurse educator roles: a service improvement project standardising roles and career pathways

UK CNEs are usually registered nurses employed by NHS organisations, not universities, to ensure staff receive essential training and support in clinical practice (Sprinks, 2015). The role of the CNE...

Providing mental health support for children and young people in schools

Undoubtedly the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions it has placed on normal childhood activities is responsible for a raft of serious threats to child mental health. Children by nature are...

Developing multidisciplinary education programmes in Uganda

When I learnt that my grandmother was weak and was bedbound, I thought I ought to utilize my 18 years of knowledge and skills in pressure area care obtained from my studies here in the UK..

Developing online training in wound care

The leg ulcer training plan was also priority, with plans to develop and implement this from September 2020, because leg ulcers are a Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) target for the...

Have the NMC educational standards become overly adult-centric?

Undergraduate nursing programmes in the UK are currently designed to prepare students for registration with the NMC in one or more of the four fields of nursing practice. The NMC specifies that all...

Evaluating student knowledge about sexual exploitation using an interprofessional approach to teaching and learning

For some time, there have suggestions that training in sexuality and sexual issues should be part of the education of health professionals (Lawler, 1991; Haboubi and Lincoln, 2003).

Addressing patient sexuality issues in cancer and palliative care

There are many challenges to sexuality assessment and the barriers appear to be complex in nature. de Vocht et al (2011) examined the differences between patient expectations and those of health...

The education needs of health professionals conservatively managing genital oedema: UK survey findings

The aim was to identify the education needs of health professionals in order to manage chronic genital oedema (lymphoedema) conservatively, and establish the medium of education delivery that most...

Simulation and student learning: will NMC policy lead to lasting change?

Simulation in nursing programmes is as old as the development of nurse education itself. When Florence Nightingale launched the first modern educational programme for nursing students in 1860,...

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