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Patient Safety

Do not attempt resuscitation decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic

End-of-life care decisions have featured prominently in the popular and professional press in recent years. For example, readers will remember the demise of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP), which had...

Developing a just culture in the NHS

‘There is no single definition of “just culture” and most discussion of it is limited to the issue of being fair to healthcare staff.’ .

The urgent need to improve health professionals' communication skills

In a healthcare context these basic expectations of how the communication process between health professional and patient should proceed will take on an increased significance because of the power...

Dispelling anti-vaxxer misinformation about COVID-19 vaccination

Following the launch of mass vaccination programmes against COVID-19 in a number of counties, after timely development of safe, effective vaccines, the conundrum now is how to tackle anti-vaxxers and...

Patient safety: tensions, challenges and opportunities

Another contender for one of my favourite influential patient safety reports is emerging: the NHS Patient Safety Strategy (NHS England and NHS Improvement, 2019). A 2021 update has recently been...

Clinical negligence litigation reform: the link between safety and the law

Over the past 20 years or more there have been frequent discussions about how well our tort-based, civil justice compensation system is working. A key issue in these discussions is the reasons behind...

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