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Do not attempt resuscitation decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic

End-of-life care decisions have featured prominently in the popular and professional press in recent years. For example, readers will remember the demise of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP), which had...

Do we need a unified uniform policy?

‘Contact with several NHS professionals in a hospital and non-hospital setting can sometimes feel confusing, frequently due to not knowing who does which role.’ .

Simulation and student learning: will NMC policy lead to lasting change?

Simulation in nursing programmes is as old as the development of nurse education itself. When Florence Nightingale launched the first modern educational programme for nursing students in 1860,...

The role of community pharmacies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Pharmacies have played a vital role during the pandemic, not only by ensuring a stable supply of key medicines, but also in becoming an information hub regarding the virus. Many pharmacies are now the...

Dispelling anti-vaxxer misinformation about COVID-19 vaccination

Following the launch of mass vaccination programmes against COVID-19 in a number of counties, after timely development of safe, effective vaccines, the conundrum now is how to tackle anti-vaxxers and...

Care Quality Commission consults on changes to regulatory inspection process

The original regulator for health care in the guise of the Commission for Healthcare Improvement (CHI) was developed following the Health Act of 1999 with the specific remit of ensuring that clinical...

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