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Advanced Clinical Practice

Critical thinking and diagnostic reasoning of the heart and cardiovascular system

Chest pain is a common complaint, comprising up to 25% of emergency department attendances (Byrne, 2014). Not all of these will have a cardiac complaint; however, it is crucial to recognise important...

The reliability and validity of the OSCE as an assessment of capability within advanced practitioner curricula

The Advanced Practice Team at the University of Dundee has held iterative discussions with educators (both in the UK and other countries in Europe) who deliver AP curricula. These discussions have...

Consultation and clinical assessment of the heart and cardiovascular system

There is clearly a wide range of considerations in the history due to the variety of pathologies that can present. These will be explored in more depth in the next article, together with discussion of...

Non-medical prescribing students: assessment and supervision of learning in practice for nurses and midwives

In 2018, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2018a; 2018b) published new standards governing the supervision and assessment of aspiring nurse and midwife prescribers, which have now been embedded...

Prescribing practice: an overview of the principles

UK prescribing law is ever changing, so it is important that prescribers consistently update their knowledge of legislation. There are several legal, professional, and regulatory frameworks to support...

General practice nurses' experiences of participation in an advanced nursing practice education programme

‘Enhanced and expanded healthcare services and interventions provided by nurses who, in an advanced capacity, influence clinical healthcare outcomes and provide direct healthcare services to...

Exploring the benefits of structured medication reviews for frail older patients in advanced clinical practice

Frailty is a complex, multidimensional, dynamic process that is still not fully understood or clearly defined (Clegg et al, 2013). Many depict frailty as a health status related to the ageing process...

Perceptions of competency in advanced clinical practice

This study aimed to explore ACPs' perceptions of the term competency and how they evidence competency in their practice..

In-hours acute home visits by advanced nurse practitioners in primary care: a qualitative study

The aim was to evaluate the perspectives of ANPs performing acute in-hours home visits in primary care. This enabled investigation of the ANP role in relation to the distinctive nature of the home as...

An exploratory study into the teaching of clinical examination skills in advanced practice

‘Most errors in the physical examination … [which lead to adverse outcomes] … are related to not performing an examination.’ .

From expert to advanced clinical practitioner and beyond

‘Health professionals working at the level of advanced clinical practice will exercise autonomy and decision making in a context of complexity, uncertainty and varying risk, holding accountability...

North Tyneside initiative to introduce a new nursing role in care homes

In North Tyneside, the recruitment and retention of nurses in care homes is challenging, with staff frequently moving between care providers. There is also a lack of career structure for nurses...

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