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Helping survivors of abuse to cope with anxieties triggered during the pandemic

The wearing of face coverings in shops and supermarkets became mandatory in the UK on 24 July 2020, shortly followed by their mandated use across many sectors and settings, with the failure to comply...

Providing information, care and support to IBD patients during the pandemic

The Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust (RDE) is a teaching hospital in the south-west of England. Our catchment serves a mixed urban and rural population of about 400 000 people. Here the...

A role that has transformed the care of patients with acute kidney injury

Alongside these intervention and support services an education programme for other health professionals has been developed, largely generated from observation of my role in practice. Consequently, I...

Homelessness during the pandemic: helping the most vulnerable

Pathway ( sets up and supports homeless hospital discharge teams around the country..

Leading a TB team working with hard-to-reach clients

People who use hostels and homeless shelter are some of the hardest to reach client groups who are high risk of tuberculosis (TB) activation due to their lifestyle. Their health is not their main...

Easier, quicker, safer: an enhanced instrument count procedure

In response to the challenges posed by the TICP, I developed an enhanced instrument count procedure (EICP), which has resulted in an easier, quicker, safer approach to instrument counting. The EICP...

Providing gastrointestinal nurse education during the pandemic

To enable learning to continue, it was necessary to revise how teaching was provided to ensure that the safety of teachers and learners was maintained. This meant that the classroom was no longer a...

Enabling patients with learning disabilities to self-manage lower limb lymphoedema

Regular reviews of the caseload were undertaken as the service developed over the pilot period, and it became apparent that 25–30% of patients being referred had either a diagnosed learning disability...

Developing online training in wound care

The leg ulcer training plan was also priority, with plans to develop and implement this from September 2020, because leg ulcers are a Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) target for the...

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