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Health inequalities: how nurses and midwives can make a difference

Social context, including where people are born, grow, live, work and age directly affect their health outcomes. The unequal exposure to environmental, behavioural and social risk factors can lead to...

Test scores fall short of the mark

The position of English as the global lingua franca means that language tests are increasingly being used as gatekeeping tools. In the context of migration, the use of such tests can be capitalised...

The case for implementing nurse-led vascular access service teams

The first nurse-led hospital-wide vascular access service was set up in 1991 in Oxford. This service proved that the implementation of a VAST could lead to a radical reduction in infections and...

Use of language in nursing discourse: framing disability

‘Around the world, it’s become more acceptable to hate, to demonize, dehumanize other people. People don't wake up one day to say: “I want to commit mass murder today”, but it's a process that over...

Call it by its name: racism and the need to be anti-racist in British nursing

‘If report after report states that … it is only racial discrimination on an individual level and not institutional … then this only supports the argument that institutional racism survives’ .

Ending healthcare's over-reliance on containment products and catheters

One of the biggest issues I have noticed since working in the bladder and bowel sector is that urinary incontinence is widely normalised. You can easily buy containment products off the shelf in...

How many practice hours are required to become a registered nurse?

Recent NMC registrant figures demonstrate that nurses working in the UK come from all over the world, despite variances in compulsory practice hours. Table 1 illustrates this and demonstrates that...

Can restorative clinical supervision positively impact the psychological safety of midwives and nurses?

The delivery of health care is not always high quality, with reports highlighting failings and poor patient experiences and outcomes. The implications of poor quality and unsafe care can be...

Towards net zero: reducing the carbon footprint of nursing uniforms

Many factors contribute to the carbon emissions of the NHS – which produces 4-5% of the UK's total carbon emissions (NHS, 2020 – from its day-to-day processes to the environmental impact of...

Is nurse education too focused on acute care?

As in secondary care, there is an abundance of unfilled vacancies in community nursing. Specialist community practitioner (SCP) courses in district nursing (SCPDN), child nursing (SCPCN), and...

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