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The impact of hospital design on patients and staff

Good hospital design should not be an afterthought, a lovely and surprising bonus, or something only for new spaces that, over time through poor future planning and lack of finances, degrade to meet...

Focusing on what went right

Placing patient safety in the hands of nurses at the bedside involves an element of trust: care is not simply about addressing a patient's physical needs, but also about providing psychological...

Has the pandemic response entrenched a pathogenic emphasis in education?

Antonovsky (1996: 171) cautioned that promoting a salutogenic orientation is challenging as ‘pathogenesis is too deeply entrenched in our thinking …’..

Derby launches initiative to fill vacuum in refresher training for ENT nurses

Since becoming aural care practitioner in March last year, I have been instrumental in instigating new training sessions. These have been a great way to expand and share knowledge within the...

Get the recognition you and your team deserve: enter the BJN Awards

Time to fish out and dust down your glad rags, strike up the band, roll out the red carpet and prepare to walk down it: the annual BJN Awards for 2023 are (almost) upon us!

Health inequalities: how nurses and midwives can make a difference

Social context, including where people are born, grow, live, work and age directly affect their health outcomes. The unequal exposure to environmental, behavioural and social risk factors can lead to...

Test scores fall short of the mark

The position of English as the global lingua franca means that language tests are increasingly being used as gatekeeping tools. In the context of migration, the use of such tests can be capitalised...

The case for implementing nurse-led vascular access service teams

The first nurse-led hospital-wide vascular access service was set up in 1991 in Oxford. This service proved that the implementation of a VAST could lead to a radical reduction in infections and...

Use of language in nursing discourse: framing disability

‘Around the world, it’s become more acceptable to hate, to demonize, dehumanize other people. People don't wake up one day to say: “I want to commit mass murder today”, but it's a process that over...

Call it by its name: racism and the need to be anti-racist in British nursing

‘If report after report states that … it is only racial discrimination on an individual level and not institutional … then this only supports the argument that institutional racism survives’.

Ending healthcare's over-reliance on containment products and catheters

One of the biggest issues I have noticed since working in the bladder and bowel sector is that urinary incontinence is widely normalised. You can easily buy containment products off the shelf in...

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