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Colorectal nursing and low anterior resection syndrome

In 1948, the results of the restorative anterior resection for rectal cancer and avoidance of a permanent stoma were published (Dixon, 1948). The anterior resection procedure is now a common operation...

The regulation of medical devices in the UK: recent changes

‘Any instrument, apparatus, appliance, software, implant, reagent, material or other article intended by the manufacturer to be used alone, or in combination, for human beings…’. .

Does quality matter to you? Ward accreditation and improving patient care

As a Darzi Fellows Alumni, I'm drawn to Lord Darzi's definition of quality (Darzi and Department of Health (DH), 2008), which has three criteria: patient safety, patient experience and effectiveness...

Vaccinating children against COVID-19: the decision process

‘To advise UK health departments on immunisations for the prevention of infections and/or disease following due consideration of the evidence on the burden of disease, on vaccine safety and efficacy...

Valuing the role of educators in practice: Greater Manchester's framework

‘More targeted support is required for those educating our healthcare learners and for those who lead on setting the culture for practice learning’ .

Writing for publication: responding to peer review feedback

The first point to consider is that unless the paper is rejected, the journal wants to publish the work. The feedback is aimed at enabling you to develop the article to the standard required by the...

A nurse's perspective on the impact of coronavirus on health and the economy

The pandemic has underlined the importance of working together to accomplish the overriding goals of controlling the virus, restoring health services and restoring economic stability. However, as we...

Focusing on men's health: it's time for a national strategy

‘One of the main reasons for men's poor COVID-19 outcomes is that they are more likely to have one of the underlying health problems, such as hypertension, diabetes or lung disease, which increases...

COVID and coerced consent: a breach of the Code?

‘In order for an apparent consent … to be less than a true consent … there must be such a degree of external influence as to persuade the patient to depart from her own wishes.’ .

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