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Advanced clinical practitioners in haematology and oncology

As well as the ability to autonomously conduct history taking and physical examination skills, the ACPs in the team complete several clinical procedures including bone marrow biopsies, central venous...

Empathy and patient advocacy: a medical student's perspective

‘Part of effectively advocating for patients requires demonstrating empathy for them, which, in turn, helps them trust that they are being listened to’ .

Stoma care services during the COVID-19 pandemic

The effect of COVID-19 on healthcare provision has been unprecedented. Elective surgery was cancelled in many hospitals due to lack of staff and beds (Fowler et al, 2020). Earlier this year even...

Creating a system-wide culture of wound-care proficiency

Although COVID-19 has created challenges, it has also provided opportunities. There has been a growing focus on the need to support people to contribute to their own wound management. This has been...

IV care from different perspectives

I was interested to read this AVA article. In this study, the effectiveness and safety of a catheter lock solution containing 2% taurolidine without citrate or heparin (TauroSept®, Geistlich Pharma...

The impact of Brexit and COVID-19 on nursing in the UK

‘The burden of the COVID-19 pandemic has exhausted nursing staff. Even if only a small percentage quits, that would still hugely impact all healthcare services and it will potentially take decades...

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