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Creating a system-wide culture of wound-care proficiency

Although COVID-19 has created challenges, it has also provided opportunities. There has been a growing focus on the need to support people to contribute to their own wound management. This has been...

IV care from different perspectives

I was interested to read this AVA article. In this study, the effectiveness and safety of a catheter lock solution containing 2% taurolidine without citrate or heparin (TauroSept®, Geistlich Pharma...

The impact of Brexit and COVID-19 on nursing in the UK

‘The burden of the COVID-19 pandemic has exhausted nursing staff. Even if only a small percentage quits, that would still hugely impact all healthcare services and it will potentially take decades...

Letter to the Editor

On behalf of NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) Patient Blood Management Team, the Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT) UK Haemovigilance Scheme and the National Blood Transfusion Committee, I have...

Safety in nutrition nursing—a need to protect patients and professionals

The HSIB report undertook a detailed investigation focusing on NG tubes that are used to enterally feed patients and the two methods used for confirmation of NG tube tip position: pH testing and...

Adapting to online placements

‘The placement could be improved through better organisation and planning for students; however, staff are much more supportive of students now than a few months ago.’ .

A nurse-led tissue viability service in Malta

In 1994-1995 during my follow-on degree course, I worked for a few months as a community nurse in our capital city of Valletta. It was like a baptism of fire. I think 50% of my time was dealing with...

Developing multidisciplinary education programmes in Uganda

When I learnt that my grandmother was weak and was bedbound, I thought I ought to utilize my 18 years of knowledge and skills in pressure area care obtained from my studies here in the UK..

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