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Integrated care systems

Collaboration between health and social care has been accelerated significantly over the last 2 years, demonstrating what can been done when working together, being flexible, adopting new technology...

Coming together to make a difference to nutritional care

'As we approach the end of the year it is always a good time to reflect on the months gone by and the progress made. In May 2022, I was successful in my application to join the National Nurses...

On being poor

Being poor exposes people to a number of unbearable conditions that prevent individuals, families and communities achieving fulfilment and being the best they can be.

World Toilet Day: making the invisible visible

World Toilet Day is marked every year on 19 November, with this year's theme being ‘let's make the invisible visible’. Declared an official annual United Nations (UN) event in 2013, it aims to...

Innovation is the key

Wound Care Alliance UK (WCAUK) has recently recruited over 5000 members and, as Chair, I am immensely proud of the charity, the trustees and our achievements. I promised the trustees something sparkly...

Suicide among female nurses

Data concerning women who died by suicide while employed as nurses over a 6-year period (2011-2016) determined that female registered nurses appear to be at significantly higher risk than the...

Tackling extravasation

We know that an extravasation injury may require surgical intervention, such as debridement and potentially lavage, with the subsequent risk of long-term consequences for the patient and costs to the...

Why are nurses leaving?

The Nuffield Trust informs us what nurses, nurse managers, directors of nursing and chief nursing officers have known for some time: nurses are leaving the profession in droves (Palmer and Rolewicz,...

Together, we can inspire each other and meet future challenges

As I write, our incumbent BAUN president Clare Waymont will be nursing her aching muscles and basking in the sheer joy of completing the arduous Three Peaks Challenge. Along with teammates Nicola...

The crisis in dental care

As our NHS came into being in 1948 this meant, for the first time ever, that dental care was free at the point of use. This led to a dramatic change in the way in which people were able to gain access...

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